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Issue of 1/6/2010

Cover Story:

Ten years after
by Metro Times readers
Looking back for the lessons of the double-0s


Aught not by Bill Holdship and W. Kim Heron
Music of the last decade

Rollin' in dough by Detroitblogger John
Rich in sugary tradition, a family’s neighborhood business defies sour odds

The decade's best in film by Jeff Meyers and Corey Hall
Our critics pick the tip-top of the last 10


Aughts in play by Bryant Franks (Cheat Code)
The coolest video games of the last 10 years

Comics (Comics)

Death of the new by John Thomason (Couch Trip)
No, they ain't makin' 'em like they used to

Food Stuff by Metro Times food staff (Food Stuff)
Wrapping up 2009 and other delights

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times readers (Letters to the Editor)
Save our athletes, shame on Jack, and much more

Motor City Cribs by Doug Coombe (Motor City Cribs and Rides)
A look back on the best of that gritty guide to creative spaces

Votes and doubts by News Hits staff (News Hits)
Barrow demands recounts, then an investigation. Here's why.

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

Aughts for naught by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
Looking back on a squandered decade, and to what's ahead

Role-playing games by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
The ones that don't involve many-sided dice, anyway

Beyond bubbles by Larry Gabriel (Stir It Up)
Growing Detroit from the soil up

What a year! by D'Anne and Laura Witkowski (Wonder Twins)
The Wonder Twins recap their favorite pop culture moments of 2009


 No Reviews


Detroit International Comedy Festival Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)
For those who haven’t heard, Detroit sports a real and worthy live comedy festival, now heading into its third year. This doc — shot during last spring’s festival — serves as an extended advertisement for the 2010 event, and in that regard it excels. Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle hosts the fest, and the jovial Ridley introduces the film, treating viewers to a brief behind-the-scenes peek, detailing the impressive talent that has passed through the lived-in greenroom. Director Jim Dudek has long been a cheerleader for both the comedy scene and the area film community.


Motor City Brewing Works Reviewed by Mel Small (Restaurant)
The state’s second oldest microbrewery began serving food in their taproom in 2006. Over time, chef Jodi Laney expanded their offerings to make it possible for quaffers to put together a nice little meal along with their Ghettoblaster, the brewery’s most famous product. The tiny kitchen behind the bar precludes elaborate culinary preparations, so the menu of appitezers, soups, salads, pizza and sandwiches is brief, but solid, adhering when possible to a locavore approach. Five appetizers, three soups, two salads, an old-fashioned pot of mac and cheese, a shepherd’s pie, a daily sandwich special, usually a melt, and 10-inch brick-oven-fired pizzas. First-timers might want to wash all of this down with the generous beer-sampler tray. Wine from Michigan’s Bel Lago vinyards is also available.