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Issue of 4/14/2010

Cover Story:

Ballad of Mr. X
by Bill Holdship
It's a mighty long way down rock 'n' roll for Detroit legend Bob 'Bootsey X' Mulrooney


Can I get a witness? by Bill Holdship
Bootsey X through the eyes of others

Drive-in theater! by Paul Knoll
The finer points of "Nail Gun Massacre" and "Header"

Fishing for truth by Sandra Svoboda
Did government agencies help create the Asian carp crisis?

Potluck utopia by Cyndi Lieske
Glass Rock gains international momentum through a long-distance relationship

The hard luck café by Detroitblogger John
Downtown coffee shop gives the homeless a place of their own


Backwash by Brian Smith (Backwash)
Soul deep and a Coop classic

Food Stuff by Metro Times food staff (Food Stuff)
Other than Detroit Restaurant Week, what's up in food right now

Dateline Detroit by Jim McFarlin (Idiot Boxing)
An hour-long Detroit eyeball on NBC; Ugly Betty goes down

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times readers (Letters to the Editor)
Our readers sound off!

Metro Retro by Metro Times staff (Metro Retro)
Looking back on 30 years of Metro Times

Motor City Cribs by Doug Coombe (Motor City Cribs and Rides)
Dick Purtan calls it a day

Sweet 'n' hard for the loins by Bill Holdship (Motor City Five)
Bazooka Jones finds sticky kink in power pop

Man the barricades! by Curt Guyette (News Hits)
The legal arguments behind the bridge battle are some real doozies

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

Tea Bag truth by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
A sad collection of angry, undereducated people who are being manipulated and used

Kinky but still squicked by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
Why you probably shouldn't blurt out your rape fantasies on the first date

Cookies 'n' cream by Metro Times food staff (Short Order)
Places for ice cream, sweets, cookies and more

Twins facing up by D'Anne and Laura Witkowski (Wonder Twins)
Our distaff duo mixes with some country-lovin' dudes at Drive-By Truckers



American Gong - Quasi Reviewed by Aaron Shaul (Record)

Shame Shame - Dr. Dog Reviewed by Chris Parker (Record)

I'm New Here - Gil Scott-Heron Reviewed by Travis R. Wright (Record)


Date Night Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)
Steve Carrell and Tina Fey are Phil and Claire Foster, a suburban couple caught in a quotidian time-loop of paperwork, school lunches, soccer practices and tedious book clubs with neighbors. To shake it up, Phil plans a night out at a hip Manhattan eatery, and then poaches a reservation when the wait at the bar seems impossible. That’s a bad call, ’cause armed thugs soon descend on their table looking for “the Tripplehorns,” demanding a USB drive filled with sensitive info. Poor Claire can’t even finish her heavenly risotto before the couple is dodging bullets and running from crooked cops and mobsters, climaxing in a car chase of Blues Brothers proportions. It all makes for a fun night out.

Mother Reviewed by Jeff Meyers (Movie)
Constructed like a warped retelling of Stella Dallas, the film follows a poor, overprotective mother (Kim Hye-ja) who becomes an implacable and bumbling force of nature when her mentally challenged son is arrested for killing a teenage girl. She doggedly investigates the murder, convinced that he has been railroaded. Confronting her son’s thuggish best friend, a shady defense attorney and the victim’s sordid past, she uncovers a world of troubled and decadent teens — all of which convince her that her darling son is innocent.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Reviewed by Jeff Meyers (Movie)
Disgraced after losing a libel trial, middle-aged muckraker Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) teams up with bisexual Goth hacker Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) to solve the disappearance and possible murder of 16-year-old Harriet Vanger some 40 years earlier. Working from a cottage on the Vangers’ island enclave, the two slowly uncover unsavory skeletons in the wealthy family’s closet as they draw closer to solving the mystery. Of course, it involves serial killers, Bible passages and Nazis. (In Europe, it’s always the damn Nazis.)


Neehee's Indian Vegetarian Street Food Reviewed by Jane Slaughter (Restaurant)
What a kick to discover you can get Indian street food in Michigan! There’s no street, of course — this is Michigan, and we try not to populate our streets unless we’re in our vehicles. Neehee’s is, in fact, selling street food in a strip mall, an irony that seems to bother the multitude of Indian families who flock there not at all.