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Issue of 7/21/2010

Cover Story:

1,500 issues and counting
by W. Kim Heron
Excerpts from 30 years of Metro Times


Graveyard shifts by Detroitblogger John
An east side headstone store has an uncommon empathy for its patrons

Life after MT by Metro Times staff
Catching up with a few names from our masthead

No cover-ups by Metro Times staff
A slideshow of our favorite and most controversial covers

Sealed with a kick by Michael Jackman
10 years of pissed-off, weirded-out and hilarious letters


Couch Trip by Corey Hall (Couch Trip)
Yeah? Well, you try watching 57 movies in 123 hours with no sleep

Food Stuff by Metro Times food staff (Food Stuff)

Metro Retro by Metro Times staff (Metro Retro)
Looking back over 30 years of MT

Motor City Rides by Doug Coombe (Motor City Cribs and Rides)
They upgraded to a motor home

Truth out by News Hits Staff (News Hits)
New group to monitor the campaign claims

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

Fighting the power by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
Hansen Clarke vs. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

Porn freak lies by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
The warning signs are ominous

Things you learn here by Larry Gabriel (Stir It Up)
A few things have changed at the paper over the years

A doggie bag of wisdom by Mel Small (The Mixing Bowl)
Eating my way through three decades for MT

Sweats, hugs, and rock 'n' roll by D'Anne and Laura Witkowski (Wonder Twins)
The Wonder Twins spend the night with New Grenada. Longtime drummer Dave Melkonian splits.


 No Reviews


Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam Reviewed by Paul Knoll (Movie)

P-Star Rising Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)

Inception Reviewed by Jeff Meyers (Movie)

The Kids Are Alright Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)


Cotswold Café Reviewed by Mel Small (Restaurant)