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Issue of 11/4/2009

Cover Story:

by Rebecca Bowe
The top 10 stories not brought to you by mainstream news media in 2008 and 2009


Dylan & Springsteen by Serene Dominic
How 'the spokesman for a generation' and 'the voice of the American working class' really feel about the things you actually care about

Electricity kills! by Brett Callwood
Electric 6 front man Dick Valentine's gritty determination to keep their rock 'n' roll carnival on the road

Released after 8 years by Sandra Svoboda
Detroit man out of prison after his conviction is overturned


Cheat Code by Metro Times game reviewers (Cheat Code)
Brave new worlds: Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Halo 3

Comics (Comics)

Couch Trip by Metro Times film writers (Couch Trip)
Talking Heads make some sense; plus, Snow White gets hotter, Mara Nair rules, and Clone Commandos kick ass

Food Stuff by Metro Times food staff (Food Stuff)
Anthony Bourdain comes to town, and more

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times readers (Letters to the Editor)
Why you shouldn't trust Moroun, and Roky's rocky road

Lit up by Travis R. Wright (Lit Up)
Area hate-crime murders that caused panic, and a coffee-table tome of shuttered insane asylums

Park art by News Hits staff (News Hits)
In free speech victory, Grosse Pointe Park decides not to press case against artist

The Royal 'E' by News Hits staff (News Hits)
Theater and bowling alley wants to locate in Royal Oak, if the residents will allow it

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

Dear Gov. Granholm by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
Jenny nears the disappointing end, a political invertebrate

Finding a hot third by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
The problems of having him pick her out for you both

Pick a winner by Metro Times food staff (Short Order)
This week, our staff selects its favorite spots

Getting youth-enized by Larry Gabriel (Stir It Up)
Organizers exude energey as the 2010 U.S. Social Forum draws nearer



The List - Rosanne Cash Reviewed by Bill Holdship (Record)

Heat - Farewell Republic Reviewed by Chris Parker (Record)

Street Hop - Royce da 5' 9" Reviewed by William E. Ketchum III (Record)


This is It Reviewed by Jeff Niesel (Movie)
Michael Jackson’s This Is It begins with a sense of optimism because he’s clearly excited to tell fans about the shows. His tragic, sudden death in June meant that not one of the concerts ever came to fruition. Which makes This is It a rather uneven attempt to replicate what the production might have looked like. Produced with the support of the estate of Michael Jackson, the film is a mish-mash of rehearsal footage patched together to resemble something close to a concert experience. The movie certainly has its poignant moments. But too often we see shoddy shots of what is clearly a work-in-progress and the behind-the-scenes material eventually becomes tedious. As we see Jackson and a group of militant dancers work as director Kenny Ortega shoots new footage to be used during renditions of “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal,” it’s apparent this would’ve been one helluva production, comparable to a Broadway musical. But because it’s such an odd pastiche of performances and interviews, This is It doesn’t really do the concert’s magnitude justice.

Taxidermia Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)
It’s either sheer unadulterated brilliance or utter garbage, and while I’m inclined to think the latter, you almost have to admire the insane vision and sheer audacity to dream up something this beautifully gross.

The Damned United Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)
English football coach Brian Clough was as swift with his tongue as with his feet, and by the late ’60s he’d talked his way into a gig managing a scruffy squad, Derby County, in the muddy midlands. It was here that he first ran afoul of his eternal nemesis, coach Don Revie (Colm Meaney), whose Leeds United teams in those days were a near unstoppable juggernaut. In their first encounter, Revie steamrolled Clough. Leeds and Revie became Clough’s white whale, and through force of will and pure spite, he drove lowly Derby all the way to the top-flight championship, with the thunder of glory ringing in his ears. A folk hero in England, Clough was so brash and outrageous he was once called out by the grandmaster of trash-talk Muhammad Ali, but Americans unburdened by nostalgia will enjoy Sheen’s stunning performance on its own brilliant merits.


What Crepe? Reviewed by Jane Slaughter (Restaurant)
The 22-seat place, which seems all angles and nooks, is graced with dark red walls and photos of French scenes and signs in pretty frames. Most people will find one order of a savory crępe and a shared sweet one to be enough food. They’re not paper-thin, and they come in different styles — one rolled like a burrito, another in a triangle fold, another more deconstructed. There are 10 breakfast crępes featuring scrambled eggs with anything you can think of, including maple syrup sauce. You can choose to build your own savory or sweet crępe from a long list of ingredients, with sauces ranging from raspberry vinaigrette to agave nectar to ranch. A number of the choices are vegan-friendly, and owner Paul Jenkins swears the vegan “ice cream” is better than the original.