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Issue of 12/16/2009

Cover Story:

Fast times in Washington, D.C.
by Curt Guyette
A Royal Oak stonemason makes his case with a hunger strike


A beast rising by Kent Alexander
A Detroit metal-maniacal indie label launched on ear-bleed riffs, faith and a couple hundred bucks

A glimpse at Saw Her Ghost bands by Kent Alexander
Try these discs for blunt-force ecstasy

From Russia with ill-fated love by Travis R. Wright
WSU theater geeks bring Moscow to the Cass Corridor

Guts or total derangement? by Corey Hall
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival

Into the light by William E. Ketchum III
After stints on Showtime and MTV, Detroit emcee Quest MCODY's kickin' it with his charitable foundation

MT's Top 10 stories of 2009 by Metro Times staff
The most read stories of the past year

Slammin'! by D'Anne and Laura Witkowski
Hot and sweaty chicks! The Wonder Twins do the Detroit demolition girls


Cheat Code by Bryant Franks (Cheat Code)
Just jump out of the chopper and board down the mountainside

Comics (Comics)

Couch Trip by Metro Times film writers (Couch Trip)
2012 crackpot theories and Jarmusch tests our limits (surprised?); plus, Anvil thuds in the living room and a hot Madonna

Food Stuff by Metro Times food staff (Food Stuff)
Full plates for local foodies

TV Motown by Jim McFarlin (Idiot Boxing)
A local pawn shop could be America's newest reality star; the Jackson 5 become a blubbering girl group; and more

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times staff (Letters to the Editor)
Troops out of Afghanistan, legislators out of Lansing

Assume the position by News Hits staff (News Hits)
Those Pulitzer guys now bring you The Kwame Sutra

Best defense by News Hits staff (News Hits)
The state's legal aid system needs a lot of help

School daze by News Hits staff (News Hits)
After the test results, the politicking

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

Carping criticism by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
The fish are on the move. Who's protecting the Great Lakes?

Where the kinks are by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
Dan is in a lot of pain ... and knows some of you get off on that

East side feast by Metro Times food staff (Short Order)
Notable eateries in the Pointes, Shores and environs

Detroit's inferno by Larry Gabriel (Stir It Up)
Imagining circle of hell for our many rogues



Transmission - Novada Reviewed by Brett Callwood (Record)

The Leftovers Unmixedtape - Elzhi Reviewed by William E. Ketchum III (Record)

... A Little More Time: The Very Best Of - Chairmen of the Board Reviewed by Don Waller (Record)

Piece Of Her Heart - Erma Franklin Reviewed by Don Waller (Record)


Invictus Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)

Up In the Air Reviewed by Jeff Meyers (Movie)


Motor Burger Reviewed by Jane Slaughter (Restaurant)