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Issue of 3/11/2009

Cover Story:

The young and uninsured
by Julianne Mattera
By one count, more than one-fourth of the uninsured are between the ages of 19 and 29


Blowed out, up and beyond ... by Metro Times music staff
Chronicling four days of liver-straining, ear-splitting wonder

Haley's comet by Chuck Kerr
He went from the Bad News Bear badass to a pizza delivery guy to an Oscar nomination. Now he's the badass in Watchmen.


Comics (Comics)

Couch Trip by Metro Times film writers (Couch Trip)
Holiday slashers prevail year-round, Harvey Milk biopic's near-surreal extras and an unfortunate title

TV party by Jim McFarlin (Idiot Boxing)
Bill Bonds and classic Motor City TV, celebrated!

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times readers (Letters to the Editor)

Lit Up by Metro Times book critics (Lit Up)
An Ann Arbor haunting, exposed depravity and some Indian taboo tackled

Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout by Jeffrey Morgan (Media Blackout)
Our speed critic talks browsers for a moment

Motor City Cribs by Doug Coombe (Motor City Cribs and Rides)
Sean Lynch's downtown Milford digs

Bridge banter by News Hits staff (News Hits)
Lansing pols join fight over Detroit River crossing

Night and Day by Megan O'Neil (Night and Day)

On the Download by Chris Handyside (On the Download)
Hook me up, bitch!

Calling her out by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
Monica Conyers' ignorant, nasty antics pollute hopes for regionalism

Lustless marriage by Dan Savage (Savage Love)
Advice for a wife whose husband prefers his fist

Irish eyes by Metro Times food staff (Short Order)
A roundup of watering holes to celebrate Irish heritage

Home-grown $$$ by Larry Gabriel (Stir It Up)
Legalizing marijuana cultivation could infuse the state and city with cash



Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing - Hellmouth Reviewed by Brett Callwood (Record)

Hordes of Chaos - Kreator Reviewed by Kent Alexander (Record)

Face Control - Handsome Furs Reviewed by Tim Grierson (Record)


Timecrimes Reviewed by Jeff Meyers (Movie)
Hector (Karra Elejalde) and his wife (Candela Fernández) have recently moved to the Spanish countryside. Alone for the afternoon, Hector spies a naked beauty in the woods with his binoculars. Intrigued, he investigates, and is soon stabbed in the arm by a strange man wrapped in pink bandages. Fleeing to the nearest shelter, he stumbles upon a research laboratory where a young technician convinces him to hide inside an immense machine. When he emerges, it’s an hour earlier, and Hector sees himself in the distance, sending his wife out for errands while he scans the woods with his binoculars. Time has doubled back on itself and he quickly learns that his every action has an inescapable reaction. Vigalondo sucks you into a sinister game of temporal dominos, as Hector struggles to alter his fate. But no matter what the poor shlub does, his life is twisted into one complication after another.

Watchmen Reviewed by Corey Hall (Movie)
The landmark 1986 comic book series by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons has now been made into a film by Zach Snyder, who has translated the “unfilmable” novel into a stunning, brutal, often brilliant and ultimately exhausting night out at the movies. Clocking in at nearly three hours, Snyder’s ambitious, brave, visually thrilling but airless take on a modern classic omits very little from the sacred original text, and may be one of the most faithful literary adaptations of all time, which is something of a mixed blessing.


Peng Lai Pan Asian Cuisine Reviewed by Mel Small (Restaurant)
Art deco chandeliers, marble tables, and high serpentine booths complement the attractive serpentine bar. The opulent decor and the wide-ranging menu evoke comparisons to Troy's Mon Jin Lau. While the kitchen turns out a few Korean, Malayan and Thai preparations, China and Japan dominate. Peng Lai’s relatively small space, which can handle 80 indoors and another 55 on the warm-weather terrace overlooking the mammoth strip-mall parking lot, precludes a visible sushi bar; the little delights are constructed in the kitchen. The well-selected wine list contains quite a few decent bottles for less than $30. The restaurant has live entertainment most Thursday through Saturday evenings.