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Issue of 9/20/2000

Cover Story:

Nader’s long march
by Curt Guyette
Sizing up the Green hero in Detroit.


After 20 years, hindsight is 20-20 by Alisa Gordaneer
Things the Metro Times has done, written, predicted and provoked … for better or worse.

And the winner is … by Melissa Giannini
MT’s Music Awards Hall of Fame hits us with the best shots.

Changing channels by Liz DiDonna
Metro art spaces showcase three decades of the 'cool medium.'

Drinking alone by Melissa Giannini
Ryan Adams pours his own sound from the heart.

Growing up with Metro Times by Larry Gabriel

Life, art and other essentials by Alisa Gordaneer and George Tysh
From high times to low blows, the MT has been there.

Metro Times Music Awards Hall of Fame by Metro Times staff
THE list.

Outrageous pages by Alisa Gordaneer
We've caused a few stirs, from time to time.

The Metro Times Music Awards Hall of Fame by Melissa Giannini


The end of daze and ’Tater nadir by Amy Alkon (Advice Goddess)

The safest sex by Isadora Alman (Ask Isadora)

A really cold one by Norene Cashen (Attention Span)
Icy-cold lager straight from the UK

Boosting buzz by Norene Cashen (Attention Span)
Coffee with a healthy kick

Health food rocks by Norene Cashen (Attention Span)
Nutritious soy for junk-food addicts.

Signature sweets by Norene Cashen (Attention Span)
Personalized Halloween candy wrappers.

Snacks that bug ya by Norene Cashen (Attention Span)
Yummy worm-filled lollipops.

Ralph and the Cap’n by Curt Guyette (Eaters Digest)
Ralph Nader takes a few minutes out of his presidential campaign to advise our news editor about his kids' breakfast menu.

Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezsny (Free Will Astrology)

How to be sorry by Keith A. Owens (Free Your Mind)
Sometimes doing the right thing can set you free.

Build and come by Aaron Warshaw (Hot And Bothered)
Will new WSU construction really help students' education?

See the word by George Tysh (Hot And Bothered)
detroit contemporary gallery debuts new art publication

Studio madness by George Tysh (Hot And Bothered)
Artist Maureen Maki is moving; selling tons of stuff

Win or lose by George Tysh (Hot And Bothered)
Tyree Guyton is the subject of an award-winning documentary

Letters to the Editor by Metro Times staff (Letters to the Editor)

Art on sticks, concerts on tapes by Sarah Klein (Loose Lips)
A diverse feast at the Detroit Festival of the Arts... Gossipy, electro-music news... & more.

Cat scan by Adam Druckman (Netropolis)
It looks like a computer mouse. It hooks up to your computer like a mouse. But it’s not a mouse. Metro Times editor Adam Druckman digests the :Cuecat invasion.

Big 10 by Curt Guyette (News Hits)
U of M makes Mother Jones' list of top 10 protest breeding grounds

Just ask by Ann Mullen (News Hits)
Greektown Casino project manager says riverfront casinos are dead

Secrecy blowout by W. Kim Heron (News Hits)
Firestone tire calamity may lift product liability secrecy orders

Family reunion by Brendan M. Gillen (Pitch'd)
Waxing nostalgic on Plus 8 Records … & checking out electronic music all over town.

Green and dusty dreams by Jack Lessenberry (Politics and Prejudices)
Tom Ness is giving up the Senate race for a real run at Sander Levin's Congress seat.

Rock ’n’ roll naïveté by Serena Donadoni (Reckless Eyeballing)
Journalist-director Cameron Crowe looks fondly at his past in the music.



American Rhapsody - Joe Eszterhas Reviewed by Timothy Dugdale (Book)

Hyacinths and Thistles - The 6ths Reviewed by Melissa Giannini (Record)

Dancehall 101 Vol. I and II - Various Artists Reviewed by Daniel D. Zarazua (Record)

INCredible: Sound of Gilles Peterson - Gilles Peterson Reviewed by Carleton S. Gholz (Record)

Discover Indonesia - Various Artists Reviewed by Dan Rosenberg (Record)

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - Confrontation Camp Reviewed by Khary Kimani Turner (Record)

El Baile Aleman - Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto Reviewed by Anita Schmaltz (Record)

Fur Fighters Reviewed by Jon M. Gibson (VideoGame)

Power Stone 2 Reviewed by Jon M. Gibson (VideoGame)

Wacky Races Reviewed by Jon M. Gibson (VideoGame)


Woman on Top Reviewed by Serena Donadoni (Movie)
This silly contemporary fairy tale about realigning the balance of power between men and women — with more than a nod to Like Water For Chocolate — focuses on a woman who uses cooking as a means to express her desires — with the beautiful and personable Penelope Cruz.

Shower Reviewed by Richard C. Walls (Movie)
Chinese director Zhang Yang's film about a male-only public bathhouse in Beijing is resolutely old-fashioned and, despite a burnish of novelty bestowed by its exotic locale, a little too familiar, a little too sentimental and, finally, a little too cute.

Highlander: Endgame Reviewed by James Keith La Croix (Movie)
First-time MTV-style director Douglas Aarniokoski often fails to realize what the first and best film of the series, Highlander (1986), was essentially about: two immortal swordsmen — one good, one evil — locked in mortal combat.

Nurse Betty Reviewed by Serena Donadoni (Movie)
A fractured fairy tale for our cynical time: Director Neil LaBute (In The Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors) effortlessly blends black comedy and sentimental wish fulfillment with flashes of gut-churning violence — with Renee Zellweger, Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock.

Girl on the Bridge Reviewed by Serena Donadoni (Movie)
When it comes to a decidedly different perspective on romance, leave it to French director Patrice Leconte (Monsieur Hire) to redefine the parameters of love and obsession. The film’s fuel is the kinetic chemistry between veteran Daniel Auteuil and newcomer Vanessa Paradis.

Almost Famous Reviewed by Serena Donadoni (Movie)
Director Cameron Crowe (who wrote cover stories for Rolling Stone in his teens) has created a full-bodied portrait — funny, touching, frivolous and smart — of ’70s rock, an intoxicating brew of innocence and decadence. With Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs.


Pizza Paesano Reviewed by Jane Slaughter (Restaurant)
Open late for Royal Oak hanger-outers, Pizza Paesano isn't just another pizza joint. The pesto pizza is subtly flavored; the crust is thin and crisp and excellent. The gyro is also marvelous, decorated with thin lamb strips and scallions. Besides pizza, the guys serve calzones, a spinach pie and a spicy meat pie (Italian sausage, pepperoni and bacon).