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Beyond porn
Alan Moore believes in better eroticism


Published 2/10/2010

Bad pornography is a social disease that's curable with a good dose of art. So says Alan Moore, who's been flying his freak flag in comics, poetry and prose for so long that his illustrated treatise on erotica almost feels overdue. Moore hopscotches through a CliffsNotes version of erotic history before switching into manifesto mode. With pornography both more pervasive and more antisocial than ever, he calls on artists to redefine it, to create a nobler, more humane form of erotic expression that will "welcome our sexual imagination in from the cold" and change the "dismal wilderness" of the current state of porn "into a scented garden of enduring value." It's a quixotic thought — probably an eye-rollingly precious one to those hard cases who prefer their stroke material laced with hate and shame. Art porn might not save the world, but with the free market and the morality police embroiled in their codependent battle for your 'nads and your soul, it at least sounds like a respite.

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