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Published 9/27/2000

Through Nov. 22 — Detroit sculptor Robert Sestok takes a step toward becoming the art scene’s pentathlon man as he flexes another of his multiple talents in a show called New Paintings at the Detroit Club. "These just had to come out," says Sestok of the eight canvases that make up a kind of preview of things to come for this Cass Corridor veteran. In his "Afternoon Sun" series, a sequence of all-over, flattened treescapes (#2, pictured), the central concern is the movement of light in two dimensions, taking the artist apparently far from his sculpture. But the paintings have Sestok’s signature in their muscular concentration of shafts and limbs crowding out everything but their forms … letting us see the forest and the trees. An opening reception takes place from 5-7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 28, at the Detroit Club, 712 Cass (corner of Fort), Detroit. Call 313-963-8600.

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