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Sneak peeks at this year's Blowout acts

Bear Mountain Picnic
Stare Into the Sun
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Published 1/24/2007

When the Hamtramck Blowout ó Americaís largest local music festival ó returns on March 7, itíll be its 10th year. Thatís a decade of music and mayhem, but how many Molson headaches does that work out to? Donít answer that. Blowout has always been about old favorites as much as new talent, and í07 is no exception. And in the weeks leading up to our official preview issue, X BOX will appear with quick-hit profiles of Blowout artists.

Blowout X: Experience it for the first time again, for the tenth time in a row! óJohnny Loftus


The Beautyfire

The five tracks on their self-titled EP place the Beautyfire solidly in line with the guitar-heavy, depression meds side of modern rock. Jordan Davis lengthens most of her vocals into a wail of pain mixed with longing; she could be the female foil to Staindís Aaron Lewis. Why Beautyfire guitarist Davis Shinn wears a mask isnít specified. The cult of Buckethead? At 9 p.m., Mar. 8, Jeanís.

Bear Mountain Picnic

Homespun indie rock with a feel that skews toward roots; this isnít surprising, since BMP reference Dylan in their name but are certainly very excited about the new Shins record, too. It also seems to make sense that these guys hail from Ypsilanti ó thereís something about their mismatched cotton work shirts and slight flair for the absurd that screams college town party crasher. And thatís all right with us. At 10:15 p.m., Mar. 8, Kellyís Bar.

Stare Into the Sun

Whispers Turn to Howls isnít out yet, but itís such a terrific album title, we had to print it anyway. In the meantime, check out "Henrietta" on this Downriver trioís MySpace site ó itís a heady dose of revivalist post-punk hook and crook offset with moody bridges. And listen until the end, because thatís when that electric screwdriver guitar line returns, making you totally want to tear up your art school diploma and swallow gut-rot pills. At 12:45 a.m., Mar. 8, Whiskey in the Jar.

Johnny Loftus is the music editor of Metro Times. Send comments to

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