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Montreux medley

1999 Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival Guide.

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Published 9/1/1999

Twenty years is a long time for a jazz festival. It's actually a long time for jazz the music itself is barely a hundred years old.  Presented here are a few special features to enhance your enjoyment of the 1999 Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival...a profile of former Detroit scenester Yusef Lateef; a trip down memory lane by four Metro Times jazzheads; and a Web-exclusive photo gallery of festivals gone by.  A twentieth birthday is always a special occasion. This is one that this town is going to remember for a long, long time.

Hear how he grows
His is perhaps the most anticipated performance of this year's festival... the eclectic and experimental master Yusef Lateef plays his first hometown gig in two decades.

Swing, swang, swung
Four Metro Times jazzheads uncork the wine of music remembered... wild and swingin' tales heretofore stored in the Detroit jazz museum of the mind.

Stolen moments
Montreux Detroit jazz through the years... check out this gallery of photographs which captures the way the artists were and the way we felt, in this Metro Times Web exclusive.

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