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Grow green or else


Published 4/22/2009

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Seeing as how this is Earth Week and all, News Hits spent some time on the phone Monday talking with folks working with the nonprofit Center for American Progress, which has just released a report showing that China is zipping ahead of us in its efforts to create a green economy.

According to the report: "China is investing $12.6 million per hour in greening its economy through stimulus funds — roughly 3 percent of their GDP, and approximately six times what the U.S. has earmarked for comparable investments through our stimulus efforts."

The paper, titled "We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind," shows that "today, our foreign competitors really are cleaning our clocks," according to Bracken Hendricks, a senior fellow at the center. "America is falling further and further behind."

In attempt to help get our state ahead of that curve instead of at the tail end, the Michigan Department of Labor, Energy & Economic Growth will be hosting a conference titled "Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow" in Lansing on Monday, May 11.

The event, according to organizers, "seeks to encourage workforce development and economic growth, showcase Michigan as a state that is embracing green economy and to provide a networking platform to build relationships and public-private partnerships in Michigan's green sectors. The agenda includes a panel discussion with Apollo Alliance's Kate Gordon and numerous breakout sessions that explore what people all over Michigan are doing today and where we might go."

Go to for more info.

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