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Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

Like a minute-long vaudeville routine about disco


Published 5/13/2009

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I never can say Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #216, boy!

Little Stevie WonderTribute To Sister Ray (Blowtown) :: I wish ...

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Isaac HayesJuicy Fruit (Disco Freak) (Hot Buttered Stax) :: Hello there, children! After the well-deserved reaming that I gave the mis-mastered Black Moses last week, I'm pleased to give this guilty pleasure from 1976 a resounding rave reissue review.

Did I say guilty pleasure? Well, maybe it's eternally embarrassing for you to admit but say it loud: I'm a disco freak and I'm proud! My favorite Bowie song? "John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)"! Roxy Music? "Dance Away"! Rolling Stones? "Miss You"! Kiss? "I Was Made For Loving You"! Lou Reed? "Disco Mystic"! That's right, while you were sucking in the Ď70s to the plodding puds of Boston and Buffett, I was snortin' up the sexy sounds of Donna Summer, Pattie Brooks, Gloria Gaynor, Andrea True and Amanda Lear.

Now when it came to canvassing the brother contingency, there's no denying that James Brown hit the apex of audaciousness when he asked: "Stevie Wonder, do you see those cakes? Brother Ray Charles, I know you see those cakes!" on his booty call anthem, "For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes." But guess who first laid the groundwork for such "cheekiness" years earlier with this ribald title track rap?

HAYES: Say Miss, my partner wanna know somethin' here. He said that you had the mumps when you were a kid and both your jaw swoll up and they went down in your chest. Is that true?

MISS: Naw...them wasn't mumps, them was lumps.

HAYES: Well, I guess you're tryin' to tell me them watermelons in your back pockets too.

MISS: Yeah ... y'wanna squeeze?

HAYES: Man, she's a juicy fruit.

MISS: Yeah ... anybody wanna stick o'this?

HAYES: Juicy fruit? She got fruits all over!

Supplemented by such smooth sonic seducers as "Music to Make Love By" and "Lady of the Night," this is an ace album of aural arousers that'll have you pulling out your hatchet to cut that head until the juices run out!

Be seeing you!

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