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Motor City Cribs

Northwest Detroit's Lafayette Watson can pimp out your Olds

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Published 6/17/2009

Back in 2002, Motor City emcee and producer Ohkang ran into a whole lot of trouble getting the carburetor in his classic 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham fixed. He went to seven different mechanics and nobody could fix it.

That's when his musical co-conspirator Blackreign recommended his neighbor down the street — Lafayette Watson. Working out of the garage behind his northwest Detroit home back then, he got Ohkang's car straight quicker than Car Talk's Click and Clack. Not only had Ohkang stumbled onto a great mechanic, he'd also just met the perfect customizer to help pimp out his vintage ride.

Lafayette, you see, is a genius when it comes to anything motorized on wheels. His own impressive collection runs the gamut from a 1947 Ford Roadster to several Harley Road Kings to his pride and joy — an orange 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. The Road Runner, though, he hasn't customized; he's just maintained it since he bought it new back in the day.

Over the years, by word of mouth, Lafayette has become the man to bring out the best in classic cars in northwest Detroit. That's if he's not too busy working on someone else's car or dusting off all his car show trophies. "I'm always working, man. It's all about the passion of power and the beauty of old cars. Don't crush 'em, rebuild 'em, I say!"

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