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Slinging it early

State dems canvass voters for building a better mudpie


Published 10/28/2009

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With November fast approaching, election season is heating up. No, we're not talking about the Detroit mayor's race or City Council contest. We're talking about the 2010 election to determine who will replace Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who can't run again because of term limits.

We bring this up now because we've just received an e-mail containing an online survey being run by the Michigan Democratic Party. What's interesting is that the party is signaling early just how rough it intends to play as it attempts to keep control of the governor's office.

Considering that Michigan, under Granholm's leadership, has achieved the unhappy distinction of having the nation's highest unemployment rate and is a leader in home foreclosures, the party obviously can't mount a stay-the-course type of campaign.

So, they are seeking your opinions as to which clods of hurled mud will be most likely to stick. There's not even a pretense of taking the high road.

Do you care more that Attorney General Mike Cox, a prospective gubernatorial candidate, might have been involved in a cover-up of Kwame Kilpatrick's rumored Manoogian Mansion party? Or that, among other transgressions, Cox had an extramarital affair?

Also being subjected to low blows are Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard and wealthy businessman Rick Snyder. Joining them on the hit list is U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra. Does it bother you more that he's been "a staunch supporter of George W. Bush and his policies which have devastated Michigan" or the fact that he has "opposed funding to clean up the Great Lakes and supports cutting funding for education"? Or maybe it is the votes he cast in opposition to federal legislation that would "hurt his campaign donors" or his support of trade policies that have "shipped Michigan jobs overseas."

And, just in case some scummy point may have been missed, the party thoughtfully asks, "Do you know of any other negatives against these candidates?"

Buck up, fellow citizens. It is going to be a long year.

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