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Kiss me

Painless pointers for the perfect power-pout

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Published 2/10/2010

If your Valentine's Day plans include romance and seduction, or just plain seduction, you want to get your lips in top condition. Here are a few products that promise to prime your pout.  

Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub 

The beginning of a true lip-pampering ritual, this scrub moisturizes with natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. Because it's slightly gritty like a cleanser, it gently removes dry flaky skin and leaves your lips dangerously smooth. Get it for $15 at  

Sweet On Lip Butter 

This stuff is beyond a balm. That's why they call it butter. Just like all of Hellomellow's handcrafted bath and skincare stuff, it's made with the purest ingredients and aromatherapy oils. Sweet On Lip Butter comes from the dual-meaning "Love Thyself" collection and contains warming, arousing oils like clove, cinnamon and ginger. A tube is but $12 at

Painted Love Lipstick 
Kat Von D

Reality TV's number one ink queen Kat Von D has been busy creating her own cosmetic line. It includes Painted Love, an intense, unapologetic lip color meant to make its mark. It comes in a variety of mischief-making shades, from Underage Red to Backstage Bambi. The black tube is topped with a cap decorated in silver roses inspired by Kat's favorite tattoo. Available only at Sephora (; $18. 

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss 
Urban Decay

OK: Say you dispense with all this lip-perfecting nonsense, and you just want to get down and dirty. Urban Decay has your solution. The perfectly monikered Pocket Rocket is the only lip gloss that ought to come swathed in a brown paper bag. You tilt the tube to the side and the dude pictured there is stripped down to his undies (front and back). It's like one of those vintage pin-up novelty pens you found in your old man's nightstand when you were a kid. Only this one features James the Emo Hipster and Jesse the Sunset Rocker. For $19, it's quite a show. See

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