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Local Music

Blowed out!

No. 13 was a bona fide spectacular

MT photo: Doug Coombe
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Published 3/10/2010

Man, we are so burned-out at the moment that it's hard to even type, let alone make sense of what it is we're typing. After all, if you do Blowout "right," it generally takes a week to recover.

But it's well worth the effort. And Blowout 13 — despite its unlucky number this year — was an unqualified smash. As we noted in our preview issue last week, there was a little something for everyone this year — from kiddies to geezers, from hardcore rock 'n' roller to pop geeks, from Americana alt-country fans to techno "eggheads" ... and everything in between. Hell, we saw a marching brass band making the rounds in Hamtramck on closing night (and recognized a certain WDET producer among its numbers)! Let's face it — from Marco Polio & the New Vaccines to Doop & the Inside Outlaws, or from the Crooks to Bad Party ... well, that's all one helluva leap. But at the Metro Times Blowout, it all just seems to fit. What doesn't?

But to use an overused cliché, a photo is still worth a thousand words (or more) — especially at this point, where words are beginning to fail us — so let's just let Doug Coombe's amazing lenses do the rest of the talking here. We need to take another nap (if not a sauna to get all that residual alcohol out of our systems. ...)

P.S. — Special thanks to Eve Doster Knepp for producing and booking the whole damn thing, to marketing whiz-kid Maria Stella Jewett for getting the word out (and for going beyond the call of duty in that 'fro wig on Saturday night!), and to all the bands and artists, as well as to all of Hamtramck — especially the terrific clubs — for making it all what it was. Please take an imaginary bow. Y'all were great!

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