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Holding court

A pick-up poem and photo essay on B-ball


WDET interviews Travis R. Wright about this story (MP3)
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Published 7/14/2010

Holding Court 

pivot sweat 
pick set 
on blacktop plateau
no script give 
and go

run 'em back

a mid-summer's pickup 
play stretched out 
laced up
win by two

run 'em back

bound to the key
turn to the wing
swing bottom block
drop step 
head fake
who's got next?

run 'em back

who's got game?
baggy swagger 
trash trap
crossover kids
weigh net worth 
by the bucket
can't buy a bucket

run 'em back

take no offense
no ref reference 
just rep on 
the foul line
bend 'n' box 
out of bounds
check it
stutter step
brick lay 
up  float or funk
sink  to sunk

that's game.

run 'em back

— Travis R. Wright

Special thanks to one-on-one ballers Andrew Clark, 18, and Chris Lewis, 19,and to streetballers Robert Allen, Marcus Jackson,  Antonio Johnson, Sick and Ju.

Photos and words shot at and inspired by courts near Eastern Market and at Mack and I-75.

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Travis R. Wright is arts and culture editor of Metro Times. Send comments to

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