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Looking back on 30 years of MT coverage

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Published 10/6/2010

18 years ago in Metro Times: Ron Williams writes "A City of Dreams: Ideas to transform the city," outlining 20 ideas that could improve Detroit economically, culturally and politically. His ideas include creating neighborhood food cooperatives, fostering entrepreneurial development, and restoring Detroit's riverfront to complement downtown's entertainment district. Though Williams' specific ideas — such as restoring "charming cobblestone streets" and "installing old-fashioned gas lamps" never came to fruition, the vision of revamping the riverfront has become a reality. Thanks to the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, founded in 2003, the mission of ensuring public access and amenities along Detroit's Riverfront has made terrific strides. What was happening: Nirvana at the Michigan State Fairgrounds, Verve Pipe at the Blind Pig, and Iggy Pop at State Theater.

14 years ago in Metro Times: In the article "Political tithes, " Curt Guyette sits down with writer Russ Bellant to discuss the rise of the religious right. Teaching a course specifically on the subject, Bellant says: "People come into the class and they don't know what the term religious right refers to." He describes a lack of widespread attention toward this new political body, which is partly due to ignorance and a lack of interest. If this lack of attention continues, he warns that the religious right will continue to grow on an international level, saying they are just "in an embryonic stage." Looking back on the administration of George W. Bush, whose victory was largely attributed to white evangelical voters, this forecast seems prescient. What was happening: KISS at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Weezer at St. Andrew's and B.B. King at the University of Michigan.

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