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Something’s fishy

David Lynch has literally lost it

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Published 3/7/2007

Want to take a long look into the inner workings of cult filmmaker David Lynch's mind? Are you sure? It's not that it'd be too freaky for you — just the opposite, perhaps. Fans of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks will certainly recognize their boy in Lynch's book Catching the Big Fish the filmmaker's meditative reflections on his creative process. And it's always fun for creative types to compare and contrast their thought processes with those of other artists, especially one as singular as Lynch. The book can be frustrating, though. Chalk it up to the transcendental meditation he mentions often in this Jack Handy-meets-the Log Lady collection of observations and ruminations, or to the admitted fact that he's better with film than with words, but the writing here is so laid-back, simultaneously plainspoken and vague, that the answer to "what makes Lynch tick?" remains mysterious. But that's probably as it should be. — Sean Bieri

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