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Poetry > American Life in Poetry

American Life in Poetry


Published 9/12/2007

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Our poet this week is 16-year-old Devon Regina DeSalva of Los Angeles, California, who says she wrote this poem to get back at her mother, only to find that her mother loved the poem.

Snip Your Hair

Ill snip your hair

Cut it all off until you look like a man I will replace your weight loss bars with bars to make you gain I will cut your credit cards in half I will shrink all your clothes Every trick in the book I will try I will give all your shoes to the dog I will do it all Crazy is where you will be driven Off a cliff you will want to jump Then when I am all done I will look at you with big doughy eyes And I will say I am sorry But I have my fingers crossed


Reprinted from Untangled: Stories & Poems from the Women & Girls of WriteGirl, WriteGirl Publishers, 2006. Poem copyright 2006 by WriteGirl Publishers and used by permission.

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