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Introducing ... the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography!

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Published 4/28/2010

Just recently established by 39-year-old Detroit-by-way-of-Japan photog Kyohei Abe (director and chief curator), in anticipation of its inaugural opening, the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography named the Museum of New Art's Jef Bourgeau as co-director, and local photographic auteurs, teachers and mind-benders Cyrus Karimipour, Monica Breen and Stephan Loginsky as curators: a promising and impressive local lineup, to be sure.

The DCCCP is the first of its kind in Detroit. Seeking to join cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Toronto as places that can boast world-class galleries dedicated to exhibiting local and international contemporary photography, the DCCP is attracting both local and global attention. Appreciators and collectors are blogging about making their way to Detroit on May 1 for the opening of MAYDAY, an exhibition featuring internationally recognized contemporary fine art photographers Olaf Breuning, Yisook Sohn and Woojin Choi.

The DCCP isn't in Detroit proper yet, but, according to Abe, that's just temporary. "Of course we want to be in Detroit!" he says. "When the time is right, that's where we'll move, but until then, we're lucky enough to have an amazing space to call home." That space is the former home of MONA, on Saginaw in downtown Pontiac.

The show opens on Saturday, May 1, with a reception from 6 to 10 p.m. The show continues through May 29, at 7 N. Saginaw St., Pontiac. More:

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