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Gas crisis comix

Relive the '70s in stripped-down living color

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Published 8/30/2000

Getting kids to care about history is hard as hell. How can you blame them, when history is usually delivered in the form of dusty textbooks, boring documentaries and trumped-up tales of the glory days from wise old granddaddy? Realistically, kids probably won’t read it, but The Big Book of the ’70s by Jonathan Vankin (Factoid Books, $14.95 at your favorite bookseller) at least puts history in a fairly objective and unique context of one- to two-page comics. As strange and difficult as it may seem, it is possible to put the entire career of Burt Reynolds in a two-page comic strip. Also covered: the Gas Crisis, Terrorism, “Welcome Back, Kotter,” CB radio, Fonziemania and the Reggie Jackson candy bar.

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