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Comedy > Media Blackout

Media Blackout


Published 8/17/2005

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MB44 ... it’s about having fun, but it’s no joke! • Lenny BruceThank You Mask Man (Fantasy) :: No, thank you. • Andrew Dice ClayThe Diceman Cometh (American) :: Now, more than ever. • Vaughn MeaderThe First Family (Cadence) :: He looked like JFK, he sounded like JFK, and three shots later his career was as dead as JFK. • Bob Booker & George FosterYou Don’t Have To Be Jewish (Kapp) :: Lou Jacobi! Frank Gallop! Jack Gilford! • Don Rickles Hello Dummy! (Warner Bros.) :: This hockey puck needs a box-set retrospective. • Rodney Dangerfield No Respect (MCA) :: Here’s another guy who’s got no retrospective, no retrospective at all. • Sam Kinison Live From Hell (Priority) :: Oh! Ohhhhhhh! Add this 96-decibel freak to the want list! • Groucho Marx An Evening With Groucho (A&M) :: Erin Fleming is the Yoko Ono of comedy. • Rusty WarrenKnockers Up! (Jubilee) :: Oh yasss! • Steve MartinLet’s Get Small (Warner Bros.) :: The Metallica of comedy is a mild and lazy guy. • Bill CosbyRevenge (Warner Bros.) :: The Cos was a very funny fellow. • Eddie MurphyThe Haunted Mansion (Disney) :: Eddie, what happened? • Richard PryorLive On The Sunset Strip (Warner Bros.) :: A 50-foot solid gold monument wouldn’t even begin to do the man proper justice. • Bob NewhartThe Button Down Mind Of Bob Newhart (Warner Bros.) :: “King Kong” will remind you why Bob’s cool. • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Shelley BermanInside Shelley Berman (Verve) :: But the coolest of the cool remains Mr. Berman, who’s still making bridled anxiety an art. Even cooler: His classic telephone routines are more relevant today than they were back in the ’50s. • Be seeing you!

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