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Blowout performers, take note!

Every single human being attending the Blowout must have a wristband around their wrist to gain access to a venue. No exceptions to the rule. If anyone loses or misplaces their wristband, they will NOT be given another one.

Musicians can pick up their wristbands at the pre-party on Wednesday, March 5 at The Magic Stick. If a representative of your band cannot attend the pre-party, then your group's wristbands will be waiting for you at your venue beginning on Thursday, March 6.

Arrival Time & Load-In
Load in at all venues is from 6pm - 8 pm. Doors open at 8pm and venues will begin to fill up early so please try and have all of your gear loaded in early.

All musicians are expected to bring their own gear. There will be no backlines this year. Due to the number of acts performing there is no sound check.

Length of Sets
Sets are 35-40 minutes. Stage managers have been instructed to keep the show moving. Please start your sets promptly and be courteous of the bands/musicians following your performance.

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