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Hello folks!,

Welcome to the 2008 Metro Times Blowout Music Festival. The festivities are nigh! Please note: lineups are subject to change.

For starters, I'd like to thank everyone for applying to this year's event. Making the decision about who would be invited to play was — honestly — very difficult. We appreciate everyone taking the time to fill out the application form; if your band did not make it, we truly apologize. Don't fret. Making cuts is without a doubt the worst part of this job.

The good news: this year's lineup looks to be pretty spectacular. We are humbled and excited by the embarrassment of musical riches this town provides. Hopefully, attendees' worst complaint will be that we booked too many great bands and trying to see them all required fancy maneuvering. That is the goal. It should also be noted that we did our best to represent modernity, depth, breadth, classicism and old-school Detroit.

The planning part of the Blowout is overwhelming to be sure, but I'd like to share with you some insider fun. I'd like for you to experience a modicum of the hilarious, ultra-impressive and serendipitous music I came across while listening to the hundred of bands who applied. Please take a moment to check out these links (who knows, maybe you'll discover a band you hadn't originally planned on seeing at this year's Blowout.)

Mike Ivory, also known as SMOKE: we were especially amped-up by the song "The Pistons Lost."

Madame XD: Chinese pop rock.

Mick Bassett: all-encompassing excellent music.

The Budget Sinners: cowpoke rock 'n' roll courtesy on an ex-Salt Miner, Tim Pak.

Il Segreto String Quartet: orchestral electronic music.

Wildcatting: a personal favorite.

I'd like to give thanks and thumbs up to the following people: Drake Pfifer of Urban Organic, Jeff Howitt and Laura Willem of Loco Gnosis, Carey Gustafson, The Hard Lessons, Larry Garcia of Detroitcountrymusic.com, Nick Bataran of Doldrum Design, Mary Williams of Michigan Artists and Dale Wilson of the Four-Hour Friends.

Thanks again to everyone. I will see you at the bar.

Hamtown unite!,

Eve Doster Knepp/Norwegian Blue PR
2008 Metro Times Blowout Music Festival Producer