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Health & science

Alternative health

A look at complementary therapies out there.

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Published 6/30/1999

In this special MT issue, our writers look at some of the complementary alternative therapies out there. We’ll guide you through finding the practices that might work for you, and show you how some have worked for others. We don’t have all the answers — nobody does. This section is meant to start you on your own journey of healing — because when it comes to your well-being, is there any other reasonable alternative?

Hemp for health
by Gretchen Van-Monette
Hemp seed oil may not be a miracle cure, but it sure is good for you.

Learning to let go
by Jane Slaughter
Healing Touch helps patients remember to relax.

The many alternatives
by Alisa Gordaneer
A quick guide to some of the various therapies out there.

The natural path
by Audrey Becker
For skeptics, the hands-on approach helps in finding alternative therapies that work.

Needle-point balance
by Elissa Karg
Acupuncture crosses boundaries between East and West.

Not so alternative anymore
by Jennifer Bagwell
Complementary medicine moves into the mainstream.

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