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Interior decorating > Motor City Cribs and Rides

Motor City Cribs

Artist Gilda Snowden’s colorful Corktown studio

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Published 11/28/2007

Gilda Snowden's Corktown studio overflows with paints, brushes, encaustics and canvases. And why not? Abundance is one of her favorite subjects. Walls are covered with her paintings —colorful and energetic abstractions of flowers, tornados, eyes and chairs.

The College for Creative Studies professor and painter — who has been teaching there for 25 years — says her studio, among many other things, sets an example for her students. "As a teacher this studio is great — my students get to see the next step as a working viable artist."

And "working" is a key word: Between painting, teaching, photography and motherhood, one wonders if she sleeps.

Her space is in the Brooklyn Street lofts, a place she appreciates. It's home to a number of other artists. "I love the camaraderie of the people here and the respect [landlord] Richard Rollins has for the artists," she says. "It's so vital for Detroit to have an artistic community — yet things being developed in Detroit are outside the budget of most artists."

It didn't take much for her to move in once she laid eyes on her studio: "A studio with a skylight? I thought I died and went to heaven."

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