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Nice work

Our search for metro Detroit's oddest jobs yielded some great stories

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Aged country bar up the 'hillbilly highway' is home away from home

The hard luck café (4/14/2010)
Downtown coffee shop gives the homeless a place of their own

Motor City Cribs (4/14/2010)
Dick Purtan calls it a day

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Published 8/20/2008

In a burst-bubble economy like today's, lots of us define a good job as still having a job. But beyond that, we want to be reasonably well compensated ... and, well, we want our work to be good conversation. We want the little beam of limelight that goes with hearing, "Wow, you do that for a living?" So we went to find some folks who are accustomed to that light — and we enjoyed a little bit of the reflected glow while we took our notes and snapped our pics. (Why do you think we got into our line of work?) —W. Kim Heron, editor

Trauma calling
by Sandra Svoboda
Blood, mangled body parts and crime scenes are this guy's specialty

We Are Family
by Meredith Skrzypczak
Listening to Detroiters to learn our history

Dawn of the tramp
by Laurie Smolenski
A dude tooling D-Town on the coattails of dead celebs

No brown M & M's!
by Bill Holdship
Liz Butsicaris Jackson: Queen of the rock 'n' roll caterers

'Everybody's got to wipe'
by W. Kim Heron
Somebody has to make money off it

by Detroitblogger John
Not exactly clothes-minded

Luck of the Lions
by Sandra Svoboda
From Cuppy Coffee to Roary the Febreze-saturated mascot

Floating on the Top
by Curt Guyette
A designer lives his ambition to join the parade

Graveyard shift
by Cherri Buijk
Putting names - and the occasional pooch - on tombstones

Witness to an exhumation
by Sophia Raptis
A weird gig even for 'the queen of odd jobs'

Inner-city sanctuary
by Detroiblogger John
Detroit's paradise protector

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