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Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Our speed critic talks browsers for a moment


Published 3/11/2009

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Jeffrey Morgan has ways of making you read Media Blackout #209!

Mel BrooksThe Producers: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (RCA Victor) :: People tend to forget that back in 1968 songs like "Springtime For Hitler" really were considered to be virulently offensive by many. But, thankfully, our tolerant society has now evolved to the point where nothing as callously insensitive as that will ever happen again.

SIZZLING STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: Trey Parker & Matt (Official Website) :: Ever notice how some websites encourage you to get a newer version of your browsing software?

Facebook displays this advisory whenever you access their chat program: "You're using Internet Explorer 6 to browse Facebook right now. To use the full version of Chat from within a regular Facebook window, please upgrade your browser. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7."

Even the Metro Times website has a reminder running across the top of every page stating: "It seems you're using an old browser. In order to view this site correctly, we advise you to upgrade your browser"

And then there's what greets you on the ‘downloads' section of the official South Park website: an intermittent image of Eric Cartman accompanied by the following message in big bold letters: "ONLY JEWS USE IE6."

As Kyle Broflovski would say: "Whoa, dude!" But it's also completely in keeping with Cartman's anti-Semitic character. After all, let's not forget what he tried to do during The Passion of the Jew. Or as Mrs. Cartman tells Butters' mom a few episodes later: "Eric is still supposed to be grounded for trying to exterminate the Jews two weeks ago."

You know, I learned something today. I learned that good satire is more than just trying to be clever. It's about innately knowing your subject matter so well that whatever you do will ring absolutely true and be humorous regardless of how offensive it might seem to other people who are too uptight to understand the subtle nuances of black and blue comedy.

I also learned after trying it that IE7 is pretty f***ed up, dude.

Be seeing you!

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