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House & garden > Motor City Cribs and Rides

Motor City Cribs

Hip-hop vet 5 ELA and his Elements gallery in Corktown


Published 8/5/2009

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In part inspired by their Osborn High School classmate Esham, who started releasing records at age 13, and by mixtapes from New York’s underground — handed to them by DJ Kevo — Thyme and Mudd took to the mics.

Consisting of Mudd, Thyme, Proof (who hosted the Shop’s open mics) and J Dilla, 5 Elementz was a future who’s who of Detroit hip hop. (J Dilla, you’ll note, produced the group’s first three recordings.)

After an extended hiatus, 5 ELA is back with a vengeance. The group just dropped the album-mixtape …Will Be Televised, their EP World Wide Riot will be out in fall, and their album Global Warming hits in 2010. DJ Sicari — who break danced for Proof back at the Shop — joined 5 ELA in 2002.

In part to provide creative space for Detroit hip hop akin to the Hip Hop Shop, Sicari opened the 5 Elements Gallery on Michigan Avenue in Corktown last year. Equal parts cyber café, art gallery and performance space, 5 Elements has become one of the major outlets for the next wave of Detroit hip-hop culture. "And Detroit makes hip hop go round," Thyme says.

5 ELA performs Friday, Aug. 7, at 5 Elements, 2125 Michigan Ave., Detroit. For info and music go to myspace/5ela.

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