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Published 9/17/2003

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Slaw (real name Kevin Stanislawski) is a venerable Detroit artist with a vibrant passion for the kitsch of decades past. He’s derisively known as “the Detroit Shag” by jealous assholes.

Best art supply store to shoplift at: “Utrecht. Artists are broke — I don’t think I’ve ever met an artist who didn't shoplift anything — except me of course.”

Best gallery to watch art snobs: “CPOP. Every time I go to CPOP there’s so many people that like to be around artists because they’re artists. They just drink the cheap wine, eat the stale cheese, schmooze and then leave. That doesn’t sound too bitter, does it?”

Best gallery for bathroom sex: “Johansen Charles. There were several situations at some of my openings where men and women — and women and women — have gotten freaky in the bathroom there. It made for an interesting situation.”

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