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A Triple Crown sampler

Powerful passages and strong language

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Published 6/22/2005

"Who the fuck is this Titus nigga?" As the summer of í89 neared, Dink gathered his executive branch together to discuss how they were going to rid themselves of an infringing competitor. "All I keep hearing is Titus this and Titus that. Somebody tell me something." Dink was raving mad at this point. It took a lot to get him angry these days, but some shit got under his skin like tattoos. "Yíall niggas is out there right?" Dink continued. "Fuck is going on? Everywhere I turn a nigga is telling me Titus stories, but my boys donít know shit? Fuck is up?" Dink slid down the window of his Saab 900 Turbo to let in some air. The four bodies in the car were generating heat.

"Yo, Iím like you," Maceo responded. "I donít know who the fuck he is. But what I do know is that heís on one of our blocks gettiní money. At least thatís the word on the street.

  • from Crackhead by Lisa Lennox


She began to cry as she thought about the price she may have to pay if Des didnít want to be with her anymore. Then she thought of the cost of all the things she had been faced with. Whatís the price for someone giving you gonorrhea? Whatís the price to fix a broken heart? Whatís the price doing a day in jail? How much does it cost for you to give your life? Whatís the price of breaking your motherís heart? How many chances do you really have at love? I canít lose Des in spite of my stupid choices. What am I going to do?

While she was sitting there thinking, Jay Zís new song was playing on an underground tape she bought a while back when she was living in New York. There were only a few words of the song, she could make out, but those words were her inspiration, her stimulation, her encouragement and what gave her the will to move forward Ö "order to survive, you gotta live with regrets."

  • from A Hustlerís Wife by Nikki Turner

In February of 1992, Bilal Davis had the whole city on lock down. When Bilal first came home, he got with a Spanish nigga he was down Oakhill with named Carlos Gonzales. Carlos and Bilal became good friends while they were locked up and they always promised each other that they would get together when they got out. Carlos fronted Bilal two kilos of powder for twenty-five thousand as a coming home present and he went right back around his old neighborhood and started hustling. Niggas knew Bilal from when he was little, but mostly, they remembered him killing Boo-Boo in the alley back in the day, at least thatís what they thought he did.

  • from Larceny: The Cruelest Lie Told in Silence by Jason Poole

"Taste it," Scorpion said with no emotion as he continued to pound into her steadily.

"Mmm Ö s-say what, baby?" She opened her eyes just in time to see an odd-looking black object coming into her face. Scorpion shoved the Beretta into her mouth, splitting her lip and knocking out a few of her front teeth. Blood spilled out of her mouth, and before she could react he pulled the trigger, blowing her brains out. Collapsing on top of her, he continued to thrust until he came deep inside of her. "Thank you, thank you," he uttered as the juices flowed from his loins into her dead body.

  • from Menageís Way by Victor L. Martin

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