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Red Red Red

Genres: Rock/Pop, Noise, Punk/Hardcore

Description: Following close on the heels of their debut 7" on Perpetrator Records, Detroit's Red Red Red unlea

Red Ryder Band

Genres: Alt-Country, Traditional country

Description: "Country, but with a great blues/Detroit edge." This is how Red Ryder is being described along "Mus

Red Rye Ink

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore

Description: Red Rye Ink is a four-piece street punk outfit whose influences are bands like Fugazi and Refused.

Red September


Description: Red September has strapped sharp, cynical pop songs to a caffeine-fueled live rocket to create a swi

Red Shirt Brigade

Genres: Post rock, Power pop

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Description: "Red Shirt Brigade play quirky indie-pop with a touch of post rock to make an eclectic brand of rock

Red Tree

Genres: Garage, Hard Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore

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Description: "Red Tree brings back the basics of heavy-rock alternative with heavy, powerful, groove-oriented ov

Red Weather

Genres: Classic rock, Garage, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: Red Weather prefers to classify their sound as "rock music for the thinking man". This dynamic rock

Redford Steve

Genres: Blues


Genres: Country, Alt-Country

Description: A six-member country music performance group from Detroit, Redhill has developed a unique style they


Genres: Electric blues, Techno, Contemporary, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: RedNose in the USA is a hard rock/pop kinda guy who came out of a composition title into a theme f


Genres: Rhythm & blues, Classic rock

Description: "Masters of bar-boogie blues, the Reefermen preach the gospel of the electrified Chicago style -- yo

Reel Happy String & Swing Band

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Bluegrass, Traditional country, New Orleans/Traditional, Vocal

Description: "The two to seven piece Reel Happy String & Swing Band have been performing for 19 years at concerts

Reggae Ambassada

Genres: Reggae

Regina Carter

Genres: Big band/Swing, Contemporary

Description: "Carter, a Detroit native, came to world attention with Regular Boys

Genres: Blues, Rhythm & blues


Genres: Rock/Pop

Rell DeVine

Genres: Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, R & B, Dance/Club, Hip hop/Rap

Description: Hauling out an extraordinary style and level of talent, Rell DeVine will allow no boundaries: no gap


Genres: Classic rock, Post rock, Power pop

Description: "Ann Arbor-based indie pop rock outfit featuring vocalist Kara Dupuy, guitarist Arun Bali, former Em

Rene'e Rice

Genres: Blues, Jazz, R & B, Soul

Description: "I currently perform on a regular basis with several jazz trios & R&B groups. The music is awesome t

Renee King-Jackson

Genres: Vocal

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