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Genres: Punk/Hardcore

Description: "A rock band from the suburbs of Detroit who are known to go against the grain of the generic pop tr

Seismic 3

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal

Description: "Power trio specializing in a ferocious mix of low-frequency hum laced with generous portions of pow


Genres: Bluegrass, Techno, Dance/Club

Description: Exotically Charged Dance for the Soul!


Genres: Hip hop/Rap

Description: “Sel-D has been putting it down for a while now, with over ten years of hardcore rhymes. Seldonseen

Self Reason

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal


Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Noise, Punk/Hardcore, Hip hop/Rap

Description: "Chaotic melodies and deeply emotional ferocity intricately designed to both wrench your soul and sh

Senator O'Brien

Genres: Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: SOB is lead by the irreverant wordssmith and progressive words and hooks, and baked by a thumping mo


Genres: Klezmer

Sensitive Clown


September On

Genres: Rock/Pop

Description: September On's brand of alternative rock music has a fresh yet familiar sound. This Ann Arbor trio a


Genres: Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal

Description: "Detroit's best-kept secret — raw unleashed, testosterone-driven rock. Never angry, just extrem




Genres: Hip hop/Rap

Description: Sevant is a master of linguistics. Check out his latest release, "Dirty Rats-The EP" on Richter Scal

Seven Grand Housing Authority

Genres: House, Dance/Club

Description: In 1993, Terrence Par

Seven Levels

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Reggae, Funk

Description: "Seven Levels has emerged as one of the youngest R&B based acts in the world. The group is composed

Seven Mile Sun

Genres: Rock/Pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: The music of Seven Mile Sun takes the listener on a journey to anywhere he /she wants to go. “ It’s

Sgt Rock 2

Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Post rock, Power pop, Top 40

Description: Femal-fronted cover band. High energy rock from '60s to today.

Sgt. Rock


Sh! The Octopus

Genres: Alt-Country, Folk, Rock/Pop

Description: The folk rock band Sh! The Octopus came to complete fruition in the spring of 2007. Though, prior to

Shahida Nurullah

Genres: Latin, Vocal

Description: "Vocalist Shahida Nurullah is a native Detroiter who is the product of a talented and creative famil

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