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The Banana Convention

Genres: Rock/Pop, Oldies/Doo-wop, Power pop, Variety

Description: The Banana Convention is a 6-piece bubblegum punk rock band based out of Saginaw, Michigan. Fronted

The Banana Convention

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop

Description: "A little bit of soul. A pinch of pop. A lot of rock. And an overabundance of fun. This is what the

The Basement Heroes


Description: Sounds like a 50's or 60's rock band.

The Basements

Genres: Rock/Pop, Garage

Description: You can call it garage rock, but if you're from Detroit, you know it's too freakin cold to jam in th

The Bearded Ladies

Genres: Bluegrass, Jazz

Description: The Ladies (four rustic gents with a penchant for pickin') take the energy and passion of a punk ban

The Beggars

Genres: Rock/Pop


"The Beggars serve up the recipe for letting loose with mind-numbing energy that's the essence of

the Belfry

Genres: Goth, Noise, Punk/Hardcore, Industrial

Description: Hazardous bio--- Glitz Batty of the Belfry creeped out from the grave with an insatiable desire t

The Betty Fords

Genres: Rock/Pop, Punk/Hardcore, Rockabilly

Description: The BETTY FORDS are a Punk Rock Band out of Detroit, Michigan fronted by charismatic singer-guitar

The Bitter Inks

Genres: Rock/Pop, Roots

Description: Ypsi/Ann Arbor pop rock. Influences range from early folk and soul to the tube-flexing warm rhythms

The Black Lodge

Genres: Rock/Pop

Description: "A four piece modern rock band from Warren, MI. This band is sure to catch your attention and keep y

The Blob


The Blue Sunrays

Genres: Garage, Post rock, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: The Blue Sunrays from Detroit, MI, are currently touting the release of their new EP, The Sugar B

The Blues Crusaders

Genres: Electric blues, Classic rock

Description: The Blues Crusaders are a promising new band

The Bomb Pops

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop

Description: The Bomb Pops say: "The Bomb Pops are 4 piece band from Detroit Rock City. If you took the early 70'

The Bowzies

Genres: Ethnic/World, Celtic, Folk

Description: The Bowzies folk group is a union of three musicians who have been performing Celtic folk music in t

The Brad Felt NuQuartet Plus

Genres: Jazz

Description: Euphonium-driven, high concept modern jazz quintet bringing the all-inclusive Detroit music traditio

The Brain Saw

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Noise, Punk/Hardcore

The Breakers

Genres: Garage, Surf

Description: Three cats that enjoy the sounds of the '50s and '60s surf, spy, spaghetti, and hot rod rock.

The Brett Lucas Band

Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Classic rock, Funk, Soul

Description: Lucas is a Detroit based band that performs original roots rock and roll music. In this modern day o

The Brian Allan Trio

Genres: Big band/Swing, New Orleans/Traditional, Vocal

Description: Traditional jazz vocals, featuring the music of composers such as the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Irving

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