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The Press Club

Genres: Classic rock, Garage, Power pop

Description: "Always Alright makes we wanna chug beer!"

-Larry (what else d'yer need to know)

The Primal Voices

Genres: Electric blues, Folk blues, Rhythm & blues

Description: “Roots blues with a Native American/Appalachian influence. We have acoustic guitar, electric guitar,

The Prime Ministers

Genres: Power pop

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Description: Courteous power pop. Rock 'n' roll with manners. These are the modus operandi of the Prime Mi

The Process

Genres: Reggae, Fusion, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: "The Process is a rock-reggae band that combines influences such as Lee Perry, Deep Purple, Bob Marl

The Pros Big Band

Genres: Big band/Swing

Description: "We are a metro Detroit area big band/swing band. We specialize in music for wedding receptions, ann

The Questions

Genres: Blues, Punk/Hardcore, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: The Questions say: "Hitch-hike with three blue-collar beatniks from the bohemian side of Detroit in

The Quivers

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: “The Quivers are one of Mid-Michigan’s hottest new bands. The Quivers are particularly cool among ro

The Raisin Pickers

Genres: Bluegrass

Description: "The Raisin Pickers are three musicians who understand completely where traditional music comes from

The Rants

Genres: Garage, Noise, Oldies/Doo-wop, R & B

Description: 3 piece, 4 piece
bass drums guitars
happy happy dance dance cry

The Real Deal

Genres: Electric blues, Classic rock, Soul

Description: Gary Ferro, Gerry Mattei, Dino Moceri, Al Salerno and Mike Taber have performed throughout the metro

The Recital

Genres: Post rock

Description: "Depending on whether our drummer can make it or not you're liable to encounter anything ranging fro

The Red Rocks

Genres: Blues, Garage

Description: The Red Rocks are a straight forward rock and roll three-man outfit from the Detroit area. We play r

The Red Shift

Genres: Punk/Hardcore, Rockabilly

Description: “The Red Shift” is an authentic old style punk band fused with the backbeat of 1950’s rock n’ roll.

The Redstripes

Genres: Rock/Pop, Variety

Description: "The Redstripes are Canadian pop. They'll get you boppin', but they're not so sweet that they'll ma

The Reed & Dickinson Band

Genres: Blues, Alt-Country, Classic rock

Description: Alto Reed (Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band) and Steve Dickinson have combined powerful elements o

The Reed Brothers

Genres: Rock/Pop

Description: The Reed Brothers say: "The Reed brothers (Jason & Andy) started their music careers in Michigan as

The Reissues

Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Avant-garde, Fusion, Classic rock, R & B

Description: "Expirimental jazz/blues/rock trio performs mostly original material, as well as some covers."

The Resonators

Genres: Traditional country, Classic rock, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: "Gritty, twangy rock & roll the way it was intended. The Resonators continue the tradition of rustic

The Reverb Rockers

Genres: Electric blues

Description: “A four-piece ass-kicking boogie and blues band.

The Rioteers

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop

Description: Tim McHugh had no choice. Faced with the reality of half of his band, the Atomic Numbers, touring in

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