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20 Dead Flower Children

Genres: Electronic, Hard Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore

Description: "Four musicians all equally active in the city's underground cultures of hip-hop, hardcore and techn


Genres: Drum n Bass/Jungle, Electronica, Techno, Avant-garde, Garage, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore

Description: "Performance – One-man act with various analog electronic equipment.

"Recordings –

50% bEaM sPlitTer

Genres: Electronic, Avant-garde, Noise

Description: A duo project consisting of Chris Pottinger (Cotton Museum, Odd Clouds) and Will Soderberg (de Fenes

999 Gods

Genres: Orchestral, Vocal, Electronica, Techno, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Goth, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: 999 Gods mixes electronic/techno/industrial/classical music with folk rock vocals along the lines of


Genres: Electronica


Genres: Booty/Bass, House

Description: Aaron-Carl says: "For nearly a decade, Detroit-native Aaron-Carl has been a force in Detroit dance m


Genres: Techno

Description: Psychedelic trance techno.


Genres: Electronica, Post rock

Description: "actionbasic:sound:from:electroanalogue:source:design:by:mind:"


Genres: Electronica, Techno

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Description: "Adult. is Vulpine & Kuperus. Vulpine being Jack Vulpine, or in real life, Adam Lee Miller, founder

Agora One

Genres: Electronica, House, Techno, Acid jazz, Avant-garde, Dance/Club

Description: "Live electronic music."

Alan Oldham/ DJ T-1000

Genres: Techno

Description: Alan Oldham is DJ T-1000. A former WDET program host, he is now a full-time producer and internatio

Alison Lewis

Genres: Bluegrass, Electronica, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Psychedelia/Space rock, Hip hop/Rap

Description: "Alison Lewis has been playing in the area for about six years. She plays gigs in the area solo and

Amrit Kohli

Genres: Folk blues, Electronica, House, Techno, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Classic rock, Noise, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Ska, Spoken word

Description: Amrit Kohli is an indie acoustic folk rock act in the style and form of Ani Difranco hailing from De

Android Automatic

Genres: Electronic, Electronica

Description: A solo indie-electro artist. Android Automatic is a new project with influences from Radiohead to Kr

Anthony "Shake" Shakir

Genres: Techno

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Description: "Born and raised in Detroit, Anthony began DJing in high school and has been active in the Detroit m

Auburn Lull

Genres: Ambient, Post rock, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: Michigan's Auburn Lull create lush, Brian Eno-inspired soundscapes, at once filmic and pastoral. Des

AUX 88

Genres: Techno

Description: After taking some time resting in the AUX Quadrant. Tom Tom and DJ K1 have reunited - bringing back

Back In The Day (Featuring Larry Lee)

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Booty/Bass, Electronica, Classic rock, Contemporary Gospel, R & B, Dance/Club, Soul, Children

Description: Back In The Day was formed by Larry Lee, a talented professional in several arenas, and in its short


Genres: Electronica

Description: bahbiss cobb is the electronic creation of eric curry. the styles jump around form techno, ambient,

Bill VanLoo

Genres: Electronica, House, Techno, Avant-garde

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Description: "Bill VanLoo / DJ Marathon"

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