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LaTrinity Reggae & Calypso Steel Drum

Genres: Ethnic/World, African/Drum, Reggae, Roots

Description: From soft mellow steel drum grooves; thru slow skanky reggae; all the way up to a high energy calyps


Genres: Reggae, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: For more than ten years the members of 1592 have been immersed in the intense music scene of Detroit


Genres: Ethnic/World, Reggae, Ska

Description: 47UMa performs original material as well as exciting arrangements of reggae and world standards. Th

Acrophobic Sherpas

Genres: Latin, Jazz, Funk

Description: The reluctant mountain guides of metro Detroit provide edgy funk, jazz and world music, focusing on

Agopian Trio

Genres: Latin, Jazz

Almost Famous

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Classic rock, Garage, Ska, Funk

Description: “A clean reggae guitar riff flows over a saturated bass riff and a swing beat like a bird about to d

Amadon Crest

Genres: Celtic, Folk, Rock/Pop

Description: "Amadon Crest is an accomplished band of musical adventurers that rocks with original ballads, tradi

Amigo Latin Jazz All Stars

Genres: African/Drum, Latin, Jazz

Description: "Intoxicating Latin rhythms blend with the sophistication of jazz harmonies ... with a little bit of

Ann Arbor Highlanders Bagpipes & Drums Band

Genres: Ethnic/World

Ann Arbor Irish Ensemble

Genres: Ethnic/World

Ara Topouzian Ensemble

Genres: Ethnic/World, Middle Eastern, Avant-garde, Fusion, Roots

Description: "The Ara Topouzian Ensemble performs traditional sounds of Armenia and the Middle East."


Genres: Reggae, Fusion, Ska

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Description: "We emerged on the scene in the fall of 1995, and were delighted to find that a lot of 'they're from


Genres: Reggae

Back Forty

Genres: Bluegrass, Reggae, Rock/Pop, Funk

Description: Back Forty plays "Down-home funkgrass." The band blends bluegrass, reggae, and jazz styles to form i

Bandolero Duran

Genres: Latin, Singer/Songwriter (Folk)

Description: "Latin American music and songs of urban folklore. Chilean singer, songwriter and guitarist. (New so


Genres: Reggae

Benny Cruz Y La Buena Vida

Genres: Latin, Classic rock, Oldies/Doo-wop, Soul

Description: “Known as the ambassadors of Latin Music in the Midwest, Benny Cruz Y La Buena Vida have performed i

Big Haz

Genres: East European, Latin, Contemporary, New Orleans/Traditional

Description: Big Haz is an eclectic quintet dedicated to playing original compositions and specialized arrangem

Billy the Kid

Genres: Reggae, Ska, Hip hop/Rap

Description: DJ & bass player. Plays reggae, soca, calypso, dancehall, & hip hop.

Black Bottom Collective

Genres: Reggae, Funk, Hip hop/Rap, Soul, Spoken word

Description: Stay Low, Keep Movin’ (2002), People Mover (2005) Hot beats, min

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