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Genres: Jazz, Psychedelia/Space rock, Industrial

Description: Sonically charged and visually stimulating, {species}DROID brings you current and future events for

1/4 To Midnight

Genres: Contemporary

3/4 Step

Genres: Jazz


Genres: Drum n Bass/Jungle, Electronica, Techno, Avant-garde, Garage, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore

Description: "Performance – One-man act with various analog electronic equipment.

"Recordings –

50% bEaM sPlitTer

Genres: Electronic, Avant-garde, Noise

Description: A duo project consisting of Chris Pottinger (Cotton Museum, Odd Clouds) and Will Soderberg (de Fenes

8-Bit Porno

Genres: Avant-garde, Noise

Description: 8-Bit Porno is a two-piece noise/experimental act well known for its over-the-top stage props and an

94 East

Genres: Jazz

Abbey Taylor

Genres: Chamber, Orchestral, Soloist, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Avant-garde, Garage, Punk/Hardcore

Acrophobic Sherpas

Genres: Latin, Jazz, Funk

Description: The reluctant mountain guides of metro Detroit provide edgy funk, jazz and world music, focusing on

Acrophobic Sherpas

Genres: Jazz, Contemporary, Fusion

Description: The Acrophobic Sherpas play contemporary jazz, featuring original works and unusual covers, with a p

Agopian Trio

Genres: Latin, Jazz

Agora One

Genres: Electronica, House, Techno, Acid jazz, Avant-garde, Dance/Club

Description: "Live electronic music."

Al McKenzie

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Jazz

Description: Experience the McKenzie magic...on keyboards.

Alexander & Holidae

Genres: Contemporary, Vocal

Alexander Zonjic

Genres: Contemporary

Allan Barnes & Primetime

Genres: Contemporary, Fusion, New Orleans/Traditional

Description: "Jazz Saxophonist, Allan Barnes is a former member of the band Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds. Barnes

Allen Barnes Trio

Genres: Jazz

Altamease Nelson

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Contemporary, Vocal

Description: Featured are Altamease Nelson, lead vocalist with Robert Jones, Keyboards, Piano & vocals, Mike Brow

Althea Rene

Genres: Contemporary, Fusion

Description: Jazz flautist Althea Rene is an artist who performs contemporary, high-energy jazz cuts and tranquil

Ambassador Entertainment

Genres: Big band/Swing, Oldies/Doo-wop, Contemporary Christian, Dance/Club

Description: Professional wedding DJ with over 8 years experience for hire. Early set-up, black tie and tux are

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