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Genres: Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal

Description: These guys -- Jeff Cox (bass,guitar,vocal), Mark Jones (guitar) and Dan (drums) -- are a force to be

2 Days Straight

Genres: Electric blues, Classic rock, Funk

Read Review

Description: "Ty Stone says, 'We're a rock band – just pure rock & roll.' But there's a lot more to the 2 D

2 Joint Lid

Genres: Blues, Classic rock, Garage, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: '60s-inspired psychedelia.

3 Sheets

Genres: Electric blues, Rock/Pop, Classic rock

Description: "'70s, '80s, '90s and current covers that include a soulful blend of rock and blues! Described as De

6 Wheel

Genres: Classic rock, Power pop

Description: Brought together in the late 1990s with their acoustic guitars, Chris Campo and Tim Heacox were put

7 grams of Fat

Genres: Classic rock

Description: Mark Martin and Brad Bell established a two-man folk rock combo featuring acoustic guitar and drums

7venth Son

Genres: Electric blues, Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Top 40

Description: "This metro Detroit-based band founded by Kenny Keelin lead guitar, and Stu Huntziker keys, has the

A.D.D. Another Dying Democracy

Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal

Description: A.D.D. is an act that stands out because of their dedication to tightness, accuracy, musicianship an

Acoustic Stories

Genres: Classic rock, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Top 40, Variety

Description: Acoustic Stories is led by 80-pound dyno vocalist, writer and recording artist Maria Wade, who has b

Adam Allen Band

Genres: Traditional country, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal

Description: "Born in Detroit, now residing in Algonac, Adam started playing guitar at a young age, later picking

Adel Sparks

Genres: Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Classic rock, Noise, Post rock, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore, Rockabilly, Hip hop/Rap

Description: Combining Preston's sweet, lulling voice with Nick's intelligently strange guitar causes the listene


Genres: Classic rock

Description: Adrenalin is the dream of six young men, all friends from elementary school to high school. Brian an

After Hours Blues Band

Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Classic rock

Description: Four-piece blues rock band. Electric and slide guitars, bass and drums.

After Midnight

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Classic rock, Post rock, Rockabilly

Description: "A mix of rhythm & blues, rock and modern pop music. A hidden gem of a band."

All About The Fire

Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Garage

Description: "We're simply four guys from metro Detroit. We don't really sound like anyone else. We dare to belie

Almost Famous

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Classic rock, Garage, Ska, Funk

Description: A clean reggae guitar riff flows over a saturated bass riff and a swing beat like a bird about to d

Amazing Journey

Genres: Classic rock, Power pop, Top 40

Description: "Amazing Journey's blend of classic rock, Motown, and alternative classics provides a fun, danceable

Amrit Kohli

Genres: Folk blues, Electronica, House, Techno, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Classic rock, Noise, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Ska, Spoken word

Description: Amrit Kohli is an indie acoustic folk rock act in the style and form of Ani Difranco hailing from De

Annie Richards & Jester

Genres: Classic rock, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: The stage presence and natural musical talents of this foursome guarantee a very fun and exciting ni


Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Variety

Description: Annie Richards and Jester is a premier cover band in the Detroit area. As a group they were nominat

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