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? And the Mysterians

Genres: Garage, Punk/Hardcore

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2 Joint Lid

Genres: Blues, Classic rock, Garage, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: '60s-inspired psychedelia.


Genres: Garage, Post rock, Power pop

Description: Origninally formed in Madison, WI and then moving to Detroit, 249 was known for energetic and entert

3-D Invisibles

Genres: Garage, Punk/Hardcore, Surf

Description: "The 3-D Invisibles combine b-movie sci-fi and horror themes with '60s garage rock and '70s punk roc


Genres: Drum n Bass/Jungle, Electronica, Techno, Avant-garde, Garage, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore

Description: "Performance – One-man act with various analog electronic equipment.

"Recordings –

A Mayonnaise Graveyard

Genres: Garage, Post rock, Punk/Hardcore

Description: Three friends find a drumset in a basement... and a band formed them. 'A Mayonnaise Graveyard' bring

A Thousand Times Yes

Genres: Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Traditional folk, Garage

Description: "If they knew who we were, they'd let us in."

A-Bomb Chop Shop

Genres: Garage, Punk/Hardcore, Rockabilly, Surf, Roots

Description: A-Bomb Chop Shop describe themselves as "a Psycho-Incestipunkabilly rock n' roll band." They say, "

Abbey Taylor

Genres: Chamber, Orchestral, Soloist, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Avant-garde, Garage, Punk/Hardcore

Adam's Castle

Genres: Orchestral, Garage, Post rock, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock, Soul

Description: Stripped away of all music pretensions and barriers, Detroit’s own Adam’s Castle has been known as

Agent 009

Genres: Garage, Punk/Hardcore

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Description: "Who is AGENT 009? Fronted by Angie Womann (Vavoom, 'Detroit') and backed by Red September, AGENT 00

All About The Fire

Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Garage

Description: "We're simply four guys from metro Detroit. We don't really sound like anyone else. We dare to belie

Almost Famous

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Classic rock, Garage, Ska, Funk

Description: “A clean reggae guitar riff flows over a saturated bass riff and a swing beat like a bird about to d

Already Been Used

Genres: Electric blues, Garage, Power pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: An explosive original Party Rock Band that combines awesome original party tunes and mutant parody s

Amino Acids

Genres: Garage, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore

Andre Williams

Genres: Garage, Oldies/Doo-wop, R & B

Description: Andre Williams (born Zeffrey Williams in Bessemer, Alabama, USA in 1936) is an R&B and rock and roll

Automatic Slim

Genres: Blues, Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Garage

Description: Automatic Slim was born of the Sterling Hts. ghettos in 1999. A rag tag group of basement bombers w

B-Movie Love Affair

Genres: Garage, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: "Energetic, indie-pop, sweet vocals, hyper-inventive rhythm section, hot guitar licks and smooth key

Bad Canon

Genres: Garage

Description: Original rock from a two-piece: Eric (guitar) and Jenn (vocals). Covers a variety of musical styles

Bantam Rooster

Genres: Blues, Country, Garage

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Description: "An accelerated mix of country, blues and punk rock, Potter's fiercely urgent vocals collide with th

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