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(the) Spy Radio

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: (the) Spy Radio (aka My Stupid Machine), first came to be in March of 2003. Drawing on influences r

19 Wheels

Genres: Power pop

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Description: "Guitars, bass and drums. Your standard rock quartet. Pop is dead, they say... long live rock!"


Genres: Garage, Post rock, Power pop

Description: Origninally formed in Madison, WI and then moving to Detroit, 249 was known for energetic and entert

40 Acre Donut

Genres: Power pop

Description: "Post-punk power pop."

50¢ Headrush

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: 50¢ Headrush was formed in 1996 by four very different individuals with millions of different influe

6 Wheel

Genres: Classic rock, Power pop

Description: Brought together in the late 1990s with their acoustic guitars, Chris Campo and Tim Heacox were put

A Midland Tridge

Genres: Power pop, Variety

Description: "Alternative Rock Band from Metro Detroit."

Adam's Castle

Genres: Orchestral, Garage, Post rock, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock, Soul

Description: Stripped away of all music pretensions and barriers, Detroit’s own Adam’s Castle has been known as

All Before Now

Genres: Power pop

Description: Our sound is in the vain of Weezer, early radiohead, hum, nada surf, death cab, etc.

Already Been Used

Genres: Electric blues, Garage, Power pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop)

Description: An explosive original Party Rock Band that combines awesome original party tunes and mutant parody s

Amazing Journey

Genres: Classic rock, Power pop, Top 40

Description: "Amazing Journey's blend of classic rock, Motown, and alternative classics provides a fun, danceable

Amazon Blonde

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop, Funk

Description: Formed in February 2004, Amazon Blonde has undergone a number of lineup changes and currently includ

Andrew and Kristi's Toast

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop

Description: Acoustic-based indie pop est. 2008.


Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Post rock, Power pop, Punk/Hardcore

Description: Arizing is a five-piece alternative/rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Arizing has a refreshingly ear

Atomic Numbers

Genres: Power pop

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Description: "Melodic pop/rock assault from the Motor City. Imagine the Pixies and The Who hanging out in 1977.


Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Post rock, Power pop

Description: autoReverse is a Four piece, melodic hard rock band out of detroit Michigan. Which all started in 19


Genres: Power pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Variety

Description: The Depths of Southeast Michigan, has given birth to Avenue. Avenue, an Acoustic Driven Rock/Pop Ba

Average Zero

Genres: Power pop, Punk/Hardcore

B-Movie Love Affair

Genres: Garage, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock

Description: "Energetic, indie-pop, sweet vocals, hyper-inventive rhythm section, hot guitar licks and smooth key

Bazooka Jones

Genres: Rock/Pop, Garage, Power pop

Description: "Bazooka Jones is a sticky combination of garage rock and power pop. Hailed by Sonic UK's Sir Ian Mc

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