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Genres: Reggae, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: For more than ten years the members of 1592 have been immersed in the intense music scene of Detroit


Genres: Ethnic/World, Reggae, Ska

Description: 47UMa performs original material as well as exciting arrangements of reggae and world standards. Th

Aks Mamma

Genres: Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: "Suburban ska for city folk!"

Almost Famous

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Classic rock, Garage, Ska, Funk

Description: A clean reggae guitar riff flows over a saturated bass riff and a swing beat like a bird about to d

Amrit Kohli

Genres: Folk blues, Electronica, House, Techno, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Classic rock, Noise, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Ska, Spoken word

Description: Amrit Kohli is an indie acoustic folk rock act in the style and form of Ani Difranco hailing from De


Genres: Reggae, Fusion, Ska

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Description: "We emerged on the scene in the fall of 1995, and were delighted to find that a lot of 'they're from

Baked Potato

Genres: Electric blues, Fusion, Classic rock, Psychedelia/Space rock, Ska, Funk

Description: "Good songs & great jams."

Billy the Kid

Genres: Reggae, Ska, Hip hop/Rap

Description: DJ & bass player. Plays reggae, soca, calypso, dancehall, & hip hop.


Genres: Techno, Reggae, Ska

Description: "The C.I.A. is a child of punk rock! The C.I.A. can move from hardcore to reggae to oddly timed prog


Genres: Reggae, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: Coming straight from the suburbs of Detroit, CbJ has always displayed a strong dedication to their m


Genres: Middle Eastern, Reggae, Fusion, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock, Ska, R & B, Funk

Description: "We're Detroit all the way - heavy on the music - a lot of funk - a lot of rock - alternative enuf -

Chain Reaction

Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Fusion, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Power pop, Psychedelia/Space rock, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Ska, Funk

Description: Chain Reaction is a versatile rock band that blends elements of pop, blues, metal, jazz, funkand pro


Genres: Power pop, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: "After their failed attempt to conquer the earth, four young lads from the streets of Ann Arbor deci

Crimson Rose

Genres: Rock/Pop, Classic rock, Top 40, Ska

Description: Crimson Rose is fast becoming one of Michigan's ultimate party bands. This band prides itself on pla

Downtown Brown

Genres: Rock/Pop, Hard Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore, Ska, Funk, Comedy

Description: The danceability of James Brown mixed with the technical proficiency of Manowar combined with the op

Gangster Fun

Genres: Ska

Description: "Moronic American ska band..."

Get Real

Genres: Electric blues, Electronica, Acid jazz, Fusion, Classic rock, Goth, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: Get Real is a unique band from the Lapeer area. They have been called "the next No Doubt, but harder

Halfshell Heroes

Genres: Garage, Power pop, Punk/Hardcore, Ska

Description: Pre-Pubescent Punk Rock (our own personal genre)is the only way to describe the fun, energetic, jump


Genres: Classic rock, Garage, Hard Rock/Metal, Post rock, Punk/Hardcore, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Ska

Description: Four fine Ann Arbor gents making rock music that doesn't sound like everything else.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Genres: Ska

Description: "Ich Bin Ein Berliner is the newest ska band from Detroit. Along with poppy melodic horn lines and

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