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Genres: Jazz, Psychedelia/Space rock, Industrial

Description: Sonically charged and visually stimulating, {species}DROID brings you current and future events for


Genres: Goth, Industrial

Description: "Changing their name from Bloodthirsty Bunnies to simply Bunnies in 1994, this septet of industrial/

Cozmic Spore

Genres: Electronic, Techno, Industrial

Description: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mike Brickner discovered his true calling in life in 1993 and


Genres: Techno, Hard Rock/Metal, Industrial

Description: "Hard-hitting industrial rock with slick guitars and amazing vocals."


Genres: Electronic, Techno, Goth, Noise, Post rock, Industrial

Description: Elecontronic dance/indie/goth band.

Dead by 28

Genres: Electronica, Avant-garde, Goth, Hard Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Industrial, Comedy

Description: Dead by 28 have been haunting the Detroit music scene since the late 1990's. In 2002-2004 the ban

Dead by 28

Genres: Goth, Hard Rock/Metal, Industrial

Description: Destroy the machine!


Genres: Electronica, Noise, Industrial

Description: "Delien is a project focused on sound that is more then fodder for masochistic culture determined to

Digital Replay

Genres: Electric blues, Classic rock, Hard Rock/Metal, Post rock, Power pop, Industrial

Description: We'll keep you hopping ALL NIGHT LOMG - even if you don't dance we'll make you pucker up your seat c

Forlorn Refinery

Genres: Electronica, Hard Rock/Metal, Industrial

Description: Forlorn Refinery was formed in the summer of 2003 in Southeast Michigan. Forlorn began as a recordin


Genres: Electronic, House, Techno, Industrial

Description: function13 is a metro Detroit-based electronic group. Headed by Joshua McAllister since 2000, f13 ha


Genres: Electronica, Hard Rock/Metal, Industrial, R & B, Funk, Hip hop/Rap

Description: It's like this...
they say you can't survive in Detroit unless your're straight-up rock and

Los Minstrels Del Diablo (LMDD)

Genres: Electronic, Techno, Industrial

Description: "Since 2001, performing live audio visuals at a machine gun pace. As quoted by the Metro Times 'Blad


Genres: Industrial

Description: Monotone is and alternative industrial rock band with influences from NiN/kmfdm to white zombie and

N-2 Submission

Genres: Punk/Hardcore, Industrial

Description: "The main thrust of the Newtons Law

Genres: Electric blues, Drum n Bass/Jungle, Electronica, Techno, Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock, Industrial

Description: "One man with one love for all forms of musical expression creating music that is forever changing."


Genres: Industrial

the Belfry

Genres: Goth, Noise, Punk/Hardcore, Industrial

Description: Hazardous bio--- Glitz Batty of the Belfry creeped out from the grave with an insatiable desire t


Genres: Electronica, Techno, Hard Rock/Metal, Industrial

Description: Techno-Industrial-Metal Organic-Symphonic-Rock That almost sums it up.

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