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2 Days Straight

Genres: Electric blues, Classic rock, Funk

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Description: "Ty Stone says, 'We're a rock band – just pure rock & roll.' But there's a lot more to the 2 D


Genres: Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), R & B, Funk

Description: “A Detroit sound with funk, R&B, and rock, all twisted into one. Diane on vocals and guitar, Adam L

Acrophobic Sherpas

Genres: Latin, Jazz, Funk

Description: The reluctant mountain guides of metro Detroit provide edgy funk, jazz and world music, focusing on

Almost Famous

Genres: Electric blues, Reggae, Classic rock, Garage, Ska, Funk

Description: “A clean reggae guitar riff flows over a saturated bass riff and a swing beat like a bird about to d

Amazon Blonde

Genres: Rock/Pop, Power pop, Funk

Description: Formed in February 2004, Amazon Blonde has undergone a number of lineup changes and currently includ

Amazon Blonde

Genres: Rock/Pop, Funk

Description: Amazon Blonde is a four-piece funky rock 'n roll band hailing from Detroit and formed in early 2004

Ani Band

Genres: Rhythm & blues, Rock/Pop, Top 40, Funk, Hip hop/Rap, Soul

Description: Are you looking for a band that will get the party started and going all night long?

Look no


Genres: Jazz, Rock/Pop, Funk

Description: Young, and passionate, astorybooktragedy captures the essence of all that is rock music.


Back Forty

Genres: Bluegrass, Reggae, Rock/Pop, Funk

Description: Back Forty plays "Down-home funkgrass." The band blends bluegrass, reggae, and jazz styles to form i

Baked Potato

Genres: Electric blues, Fusion, Classic rock, Psychedelia/Space rock, Ska, Funk

Description: "Good songs & great jams."

Below The Velcro

Genres: Electric blues, Folk blues, Singer/Songwriter (Folk), Acid jazz, Fusion, Classic rock, Garage, Power pop, Singer/Songwriter (Rock/Pop), Funk

Description: Below The Velcro is an ecclectic rock/pop group. With a lot of talent and alot of energy. Seeing B

Big Will

Genres: R & B, Funk, Hip hop/Rap, Soul

Description: Detroit Urban Soul-radiates from Sun Messengers Showman Big Will in his hot funky Solo debut CD.


Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Psychedelia/Space rock, Punk/Hardcore, Funk, Hip hop/Rap

Description: "The quintessential rock band of the new millenium."

Black Bottom Collective

Genres: Reggae, Funk, Hip hop/Rap, Soul, Spoken word

Description: Stay Low, Keep Movin’ (2002), People Mover (2005) Hot beats, min

Black Fuzz

Genres: Funk

Black Magic Crossing

Genres: Booty/Bass, House, Acid jazz, Avant-garde, Hard Rock/Metal, Funk, Hip hop/Rap, Soul

Description: "Live, original hip hop that blends heavy rap, blues, jazz and funk, drawing inspiration from artist

Black Planet

Genres: Hard Rock/Metal, Funk, Hip hop/Rap

Description: A Detroit underground funk rock band. Formed in '89, Black Planet has always had a diverse line-up

Blue Fantasy

Genres: Funk

Description: Blue Fantasy is a band of seven funk musicians, all in thier 20's, that are giving the wolrd one big


Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Funk, Soul

Description: "R&B and blues band."

Bobby Murray

Genres: Electric blues, Rhythm & blues, Funk

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Description: 'Few blues guitarists working today possess the versatility Bobby commands and fewer still have the

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