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Balls Dropping Edition

Not Sweet, you idiot, the Sirens!
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Published 12/27/2006

What will shake your floorboards when 2007 comes through? If you cue Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La" at 11:59, its silky black Gaultier beat will drop in right at the witching hour, with the future sex siren hissing, "Switch me on, turn me up" just as everyone finds a foxy stranger to kiss. Or maybe it's the irrepressible synth vamp of T.I.'s "What You Know" that'll drive your party, its pace slow-motion but somehow still exploding like the candlepower from 3,000 cell-phone screens held aloft. The kids will undoubtedly rally behind My Chemical Romance, wailing "Carry on!" along with their bleached pied piper as their fists graze the rec room roof. (Remember, the track doesn't speed up until 1:44.) And for everyone else, well, maybe a classic is in order. There's Prince, yeah, but we'll get enough of him in a month, during halftime at the Super Bowl. If you're looking for a true chestnut, try the Sweet's "Fox on the Run." Your guests will know the chorus — they'll jump up and down, and beers will be sloshed, bottles broken. But as bubblegum glitter from the 1970s goes, it doesn't get any more fun than this. Then again, you could just hire Detroit's own Sirens to come to your house and play a midnight mini-set of "Fox" and their own anthem, the shouty and hard-stomping "1234 Rock 'n' Roll." It'll be part of their February 2007 album More is More, and if that's not your catchphrase for the coming year, you might as well turn in early this New Year's Eve. Cheers.

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