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The essential Jeff Mills

The wizard's vital tracks, from then to now

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Aaron-Carl, in memoriam (10/6/2010)
'He brought authentic humanity to a scene often overwhelmed, to its detriment, by cold-hearted technology'

Motor City Five (9/29/2010)
Five questions and answers with ADULT.

Cocked & loaded (9/1/2010)
Some flash, some boom appearing among the 170 acts at Arts, Beats and Eats

More from Brendan M. Gillen

Bubbling back up (5/21/2003)
After being sampled and spun for years, Liquid Liquid returns.

Fix in the mix (2/27/2002)
Mixworks' Thursday-night parties at Porter Street includes an extra-special event on March 7 ... The Kooky Scientist shows off his new gear ... & D and Paxahau rock the rooms at Motor.

Always heroes (2/13/2002)
At the Red Bull Music Academy international invitees exchange info about the ideas and mechanics of electronic music culture (listen to their comments on Detroit techno in particular).


Published 5/23/2007

Final Cut: "The Bass Has Landed"
Full Effect Records, 1988

X-101: "Sonic Destroyer"
UR, 1991

Underground Resistance: "The Seawolf"
World Power Aliance, 1992

Jeff Mills: "Waveform Transmission Vol. 1"
Tresor, 1992

Millsart: "Mecca EP"
Axis, 1993

H&M: "Drama EP"
Axis, 1993

Servo Unique: "Let's Swing It"
Luxury, 1993

Phylyps: "Trak (Axis)" Mix
Basic Channel, 1993

Jeff Mills: "Cycle 30"
Axis, 1994

Jeff Mills: "The Purpose Maker"
Axis, 1995

Jeff Mills: Mix-Up Vol. 2 Featuring Jeff MillsLiveMix At Liquid Room, Tokyo Live Mix CD
Sony (Japan), 1996

Jeff Mills: "Kat Moda EP"
Purpose Maker, 1997

Jeff Mills: "Metropolis"
Tresor CD, 2000

Jeff Mills: Blue Potential (Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra)
Tresor DVD, 2006

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