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Starry knights

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Published 3/10/1999

Old school might just be the perfect description for hip-hop group Binary Star. Not old school in the sense of dated or played out, but old school meaning the constant honing of skills and originality, as well as pure love for the music. Failing to exhibit the inflated ego so common in their industry, the duo has shown a refreshing willingness to collaborate with their peers. Their debut EP, ironically titled New Hip Hop, features producer D-Compoze and Boston’s DJ Upperkut, and has been getting rave reviews from as far away as Atlanta and Japan. Exhibiting a variety of styles, Senim Silla and his unnamed partner in rhyme drop flows over jazz-laced and funk-inspired tracks that complement one another without getting redundant. Currently hard at work on a 12" to be released on Detroit’s Blue Collar Records, they’re also recording a full-length album which will feature Chicago’s MC Juice, who defeated Eminem in last year’s Scribblejam MC battle. As the anonymous half of the crew states, "we’re willing to work with anyone dope to make this happen." While he adds that pop appeal isn’t their aim, Binary Star isn’t averse to success. On any given night, you can find them out networking, destroying mics around southeast Michigan, exhibiting an impressively strong work ethic.

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