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Published 8/25/1999

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Do you remember the first party you went to? Do you remember how you knew about the party? Was it word of mouth? Was it a flier? How many people were there? The atmosphere: Was it dark with a throbbing strobe, or did the event have "intelligent" lighting and lasers? How much did it cost to get in? Who was spinning? D Wynn? Richie Hawtin? Eric Haupt? What kind of music was it: techno, house, jungle, hip hop, booty? Did you put your head in the speaker? Try to remember, because those days may be gone. Let us celebrate the concept of an 800-person party with only four DJs before we destroy ourselves.


Call me cynical, but I don’t get this "love" vibe. What the hell are they talking about? Detroit is not a love city. The propensity of this scene is to make the mass experience larger and larger, like One World Production’s "Come Into My House" rave two Saturdays ago that pulled in more than 4,000 people. The problem with large events like this is they often have more factors than you can control and the focus gets lost. In this case the factor was electricity. From 1 a.m. on there was no sound, no lights —imagine a huge warehouse full of kids with glowsticks as the only light source and vice cops as the only entertainment source. A makeup party is being scheduled.

33 1/3 & BTM Productions taught the Karmalogical production crew what respect is last weekend at the weekly Friday night Firehouse after-hours. After starting the fight, BTM & Co. even made the security kick out the crew they started the fight with. Apparently Detroit isn’t big enough for two parties on one Saturday night. (Both crews threw parties the next night.) There’s a lot of love going around here right now.

Probably the Midwest’s biggest and most idealized gathering is "Interstellar Dream Fest" ("interstellar outback 4" + "dreamfest 2"). It’s a real gathering of the Midwest’s raving tribes as a three-day camping retreat down in Kentucky over Labor Day weekend. This year many top Detroit artists are represented, such as Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman (decks, efx, 909 extended Sunday night set), Mike Huckaby, Derek Plaslaiko, Carlos Souffront, Acid Pimp, and Ectomorph. This being the year of the apocalypse, there should be a real special vibe. Call 502-569-1757 or check out the Strange Loop Web site for info.


Mike D (formerly of Big Chief) is moving Ritual Productions into the next era by booking electronic artists and hip-hop artists into St. Andrew’s Hall. Thursday August 26th he brings Detroit’s two best known booty producers, DJ Godfather and DJ Assault, to the turntables for the "Booty Party." Be prepared for a night of true ass-shaking music and classic Detroit turntablism. Recently both Assault and Godfather made their New York debut turning the Pyramid Club out (and much to the shock of the old-school elite they’ve started a major NYC press buzz). Imagine seeing these guys play in a city that didn’t even know you could pitch the turntables up to +16…

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